5 Tips for Finding the Best Home Furnishings for a Home Makeover

5 Tips for Finding the Best Home Furnishings for a Home Makeover

Your home should be your haven, a reflection of your unique style and taste. Surprise! The secret to achieving this lies in the careful selection of the best home furnishings.

We’re not talking about just any old furniture, but those that tell a story, evoke emotions, and most importantly, endure the test of time. By choosing these standout pieces, you’re not just decorating a space; you’re curating a personalized environment that speaks volumes about who you are.

Let’s dive into how you can make the most of your home makeover by finding the perfect furniture that is both high in quality and style.

1. Embrace Quality over Quantity

When aiming for a home makeover, don’t fall into the trap of acquiring numerous pieces of furniture. Instead, invest in furniture that showcases craftsmanship and quality.

High-end furniture, although seemingly expensive at the outset, offers durability that saves you from frequent replacements. American-made furniture, for example, is renowned for its excellent construction and exceptional longevity.

Furthermore, you may consider sit-and-stand recliners. They can add a touch of sophistication to your home. Plus, they provide ultimate comfort and adaptability to your space.

2. Customize Your Furniture

One size does not fit all, especially when it comes to home furnishings. To create a personal and homely atmosphere, opt for furniture that can be custom designed for your home.

A tailored piece of furniture not only meets your specific needs but also perfectly fits your space, complementing your home’s architecture and color scheme.

3. Make Your Furniture Selection Smartly

Buy furniture that harmonizes with your existing home decor. Your furniture selection should consider the colors, textures, and styles prevalent in your home.

This doesn’t mean everything must match; rather, they should blend well together, maintaining a sense of coherence and unity. If your home has a modern minimalist vibe, a sleek leather couch or a glass coffee table may be ideal. On the other hand, a classic, rustic setting might require a plush velvet sofa or a wooden side table.

4. Consider Functionality and Comfort

High-end furniture should not only be beautiful but also functional and comfortable. For instance, a luxurious sofa that doesn’t provide adequate support is a poor investment.

Furniture that marries aesthetics and comfort uplifts the ambiance of your home while catering to your comfort needs. So, before you buy furniture, take a moment to reflect on its practicality.

5. Do Your Research

Before making a purchase, take your time to research various brands, designs, and price ranges. Doing so will:

  • Give you an insight into the market
  • Help you determine your personal style
  • Guide you to the best home furnishings

So utilize online platforms and visit local showrooms. Also, seek advice from interior design professionals if needed.

Achieving Your Dream Home With the Best Home Furnishings

By following these five tips, your dream of a stylish and comfortable home is just a purchase away. Remember, the best home furnishings are a blend of quality, customization, smart selection, functionality, and thorough research.

At Rainbow Furniture in Fort Wayne, we have a full range of high-quality and American-made furniture that you can check out here

Pros and Cons of Investing in Luxury, High-End Furniture

high-end furniture

There are many choices you have to make throughout your time as a homeowner. One of them will be picking between high-end furniture or a more affordable one-size-fits-all brand. 

Of course, the price tag is one of the major differences. But that’s not all.

Let’s look through the pros and cons of luxury furniture, so you can make an informed decision when it comes to home decor. 

Pro: Superior Quality and Craftsmanship

Luxury furniture is often made from premium materials and undergoes meticulous construction processes. Skilled artisans pay attention to every detail. This results in furniture pieces that are durable, long-lasting, and visually appealing.

Investing in high-quality furniture means you’ll have pieces that can withstand the test of time. They will retain their aesthetic appeal for years to come.

Pro: Unique and Exclusive Designs

Luxury furniture is often designed by renowned designers and brands known for their creativity and innovation. They can become statement pieces that add a touch of sophistication and individuality to your living space.

Luxury furniture is often created in limited quantities. This makes it less likely for you to see the same design in someone else’s home.

Pro: Enhanced Comfort and Ergonomics

Designers invest in advanced technologies and research. This helps them create furniture that provides optimal support and relaxation. From plush cushions to ergonomic shapes, luxury furniture aims to provide the utmost comfort and enhance your overall well-being. 

Pro: Long-Term Investment

Luxury furniture comes with a higher price tag initially. However, it can be viewed as a long-term investment.

High-quality materials and superior craftsmanship ensure that luxury furniture will remain in excellent condition for years. This reduces the need for frequent replacements.

Additionally, luxury furniture often retains its value or even appreciates over time. This makes it a worthwhile investment if you plan on reselling in the future.

You can even add these luxury furniture pieces to your estate. This will let your heirs benefit from them in the future.

Con: Higher Cost and Limited Availability

The quality, craftsmanship, and exclusivity of luxury furniture come at a premium price. Investing in high-end pieces may require a significant financial commitment. 

Con: Maintenance and Care

Depending on the materials used, you may need to follow specific cleaning and upkeep instructions. This will ensure its longevity and appearance.

Some luxury materials, such as delicate fabrics or exotic woods, may be more susceptible to damage or wear. It’s essential to factor in the cost and effort associated with proper maintenance when considering luxury furniture.

High-End Furniture Is a Good Investment Into Your Home

Ultimately, the choice between luxury furniture and more affordable alternatives should be based on your personal preferences. Also, you should consider your financial capabilities, and long-term goals for your living space.

Ready to invest in high-end furniture? We create custom-designed furniture for your stylish home with quality in mind. Our pieces are meant to last.

So contact us today to get started. 

Interior Design: How to Choose the Right Furniture Styles for Your Home

Interior Design: How to Choose the Right Furniture Styles for Your Home

Ever flipped over the price tag on a couch and thought you needed an eye check? Furniture can be incredibly expensive, and sometimes it’s worth the cost. But before you start buying furniture at all kinds of prices, you need to pick some key furniture styles for your home.

If you buy furniture without thinking about what it will look like in your space, you may be wasting a lot of money. Follow some of these guidelines and you’ll be buying the perfect piece. 

Budget First

Before looking up all the latest furniture trends and pulling out your credit card, make a list of all the pieces you need. And then make a budget for how much you can actually spend on furniture and interior design. Nice pieces don’t come cheap, and you can save money by making a plan from the start.

You want to invest in your furniture and buy styles you really like, but decorating your home shouldn’t put you in debt. 

Is It Useful

The most comfortable sofa isn’t always the prettiest, and the prettiest isn’t always the most comfortable. When you’re considering different style choices, you need to take a seat, literally, and try them out. Do you like the way they feel as much as they look? 

Furniture is meant to be used, so don’t forget to think about comfort. Will you use this piece every day, and, if so, enjoy using it? 

What’s Your Aesthetic

Looking at decorating styles may give you some ideas about furniture, but you have to determine your own style as well. The furniture style that works best in your home is something that matches what you want to see and use, and what you already have. Think about the kinds of items you like best and what you already plan to put in certain rooms.

You might like a more rustic interior, or want to go for a very modern style. These depend on you and where you want to be.

Room Tone

While your home should feel connected from room to room, the furniture style may vary depending on where you are. The furniture for the kitchen doesn’t need to be as cozy as the furniture for the living room depending on where you want to hang out and spend casual time. 

Each room has furniture that suits it best, so work within the spaces you have and let the furniture fit in and complete it.

Color Palette  

Different styles of furniture may not come in every color of the rainbow. When you’re looking at styles, remember to think about the color palette you want for your home and what would match or stick out. Some accent pieces are okay, but a whole mismatched room can be an eyesore or chaotic.  

Furniture Styles For You

There are so many different furniture styles to choose from, but not all of them will suit you and your home. Start with your budget and think about what you like and enjoy being around. Planning and building a space around one main aesthetic will help it feel more cohesive and put together.

By following these you’ll be picking out the perfect pieces before you know it. And you can find more inspiration or help here

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Dining Room Table for Your Home

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Dining Room Table for Your Home

It could be round, rectangular, or square. It could be short or long. It could be simple or more ornate.

Dining room tables come in so many different shapes, sizes, and materials, so it can be quite tough to choose the best dining room table for your space.

With so many different types of dining room tables, where do you even start?

You can start with these five tips for finding the best dining room table!

1. Visualize It in the Space

Since it can be difficult to visualize a table before you have it, you still want to know the general size and shape to go for.

To do this without the table, take a bed sheet and fold it into the size and shape of the table you want. This way, you can visualize your table before you get it!

2. Take Shape Into Consideration 

Going with what you want may not always be the best option for your dining room table. A lot of times, you want to plan what shape to get based on the size and shape of the room it will be in.

If you have a smaller room, round is usually the best option. For larger rooms, going with a rectangular table looks really good. If you want a square table, this usually looks best in a smaller, square room.

3. Think About Material

Once again, the material that you want for your dining room table may not be the best material for your purpose.

For instance, not all wood is made equally. Stains, hot plates and pots, and spilled drinks could make for a short-lived table with some wood but not affect others.

Marble is the same. It looks classy, but hot plates can warp it and it stains easily.

Before you go with one that looks good, make sure the application is feasible.

4. Don’t Overcrowd

If you have six people in your family, going with a round table may not be your best bet. You and your kids will be bumping elbows and in each other’s spaces.

You generally want to give each person about two feet to have ample personal space to eat and enjoy being at the table.

5. Mix and Match Your Chairs

It’s really common nowadays to mix and match your chairs. If you have a wooden table, getting fabric chairs mixes it up a bit. You could even do one wooden bench and fabric chairs for the rest of the table.

If you have a marble table, consider simple, white, wooden chairs. You could even go for a more natural look by adding in wicker chairs.

Best Dining Room Table Tips

Finding the best dining room table can be quite tricky, especially when it comes to basing it on the room it’s going in and its purpose.

You have multiple shapes, sizes, and materials to choose from.

Ready to pick your dining room table set? Check our website out!

Buying Your Next Sofa: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Buying Your Next Sofa: Common Mistakes to Avoid

So it’s finally time to buy a new sofa. Your old one is well-loved, but it’s time to replace it and get something new and comfortable for your living room. Are you ready?

Buying a soda is trickier than it seems, and you don’t want to make the wrong decision. We’re here to help. Read on to learn a few common mistakes people make when they’re shopping for a new sofa.

Not Measuring Your Space

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they’re buying a sofa is forgetting to measure (or measuring by eye rather than with a measuring tool). 

Measuring might be tedious, but it’s important. You want to know how much room you have to work with. Even if a sofa looks like it’s the right size, looks can be deceiving. 

You should measure the space you have in your home, your doorways, and the sofa itself. It’s better to be overly careful. This is an important purchase!

Price Shopping

You should never choose a sofa based only on its price. Yes, it’s okay to have a budget, but don’t let that lead you to low-quality furniture. 

High-quality furniture will look better, be sturdier, and last longer. Buying a cheap sofa just means that you’ll be buying another one sooner than you’d like. You owe yourself something nice!

This isn’t to say that the most expensive sofa will be the best one. You just shouldn’t make the cost your top consideration.

Choosing the Wrong Fabric

Your sofa’s fabric is more important than you think. Make sure you put a lot of consideration into it. 

First, consider your household and lifestyle. If you have pets, you’ll want to avoid any fabrics that attract fur or that are difficult to clean. You may also want to choose a fabric that hides damage well.

If you have children, stain-resistant fabric is best. You may also want to choose something softer.

You also want to choose a fabric that’s durable. Often, affordable sofas are made from cheap synthetic fabrics that damage easily. 

It’s a good idea to visit a store and touch a sofa before committing to it if possible. 

Not Considering How It Will Fit In With Your Interior Design

How do you plan on arranging furniture and other decor around your soda?  Sofas are large pieces of furniture and they often turn into focal points in the home. You need to make sure that it fits into the rest of your interior design (or that you’re able to design around it).

You may find a unique and beautiful sofa that just doesn’t suit your home’s aesthetic, and that will make it more difficult to decorate your living room around it. 

Buying a Sofa? Keep These Mistakes in Mind

Buying a sofa can be tricky. This is a big purchase and you want it to be a perfect addition to your home! If you keep these common mistakes in mind, you’ll have a far easier time finding the sofa that’s right for your home.

Are you ready to find your perfect new sofa? Come visit our store in Ft. Wayne! Buy one of the floor models or create your own custom design today.

5 Hot Tips on How to Keep Your House Warm in the Winter

5 Hot Tips on How to Keep Your House Warm in the Winter

Most of us like our winters cozy, taking advantage of the seasonal chill to pull out electric blankets, woolly sweaters, and warm socks. However, if you keep feeling a shiver run down your spine indoors, especially if you get one whenever you check your utility bill, you might not be well prepared for the temperature drop.

Knowing how to keep your house warm can help you and your household make the most of the winter months. From a heating tune-up to tactics you can try without relying on a furnace, here are some of our best tips for a little added warmth when you need it most.

Insulate and Seal Gaps

It’s hard to keep your home heated when you’re always letting cool air in! This winter, make sure to seal any gaps and drafts in your home.

Purchase or make a door draft stopper to keep cool air from entering your home beneath your door, and consider using them in any interior rooms you want to keep warm. Seal windows with an insulating film to prevent heat from escaping. Use caulk to seal any gaps around windows and doors. 

Move Your Furniture

If you’ve moved furniture around to cooler areas during the warmest months of the year, it may be time to reconsider your layout. 

Rearrange your furniture sets to place seating areas closer to warmer areas of your home. This includes places that get a great deal of natural sunlight and heat, though you might want to be careful to avoid cold exterior walls. While it can help to keep furniture near radiators or heaters, make sure not to block the heat from spreading to the rest of the room.

Make the Most of Your Furnace

Make sure your furnace is prepared for the coldest days of the year. Start by changing your filter to make it easier for your system to circulate warm air around your home. This is also a good time to change the settings of your thermostat to the recommended 68 degrees for energy savings or to install a programmable thermostat if you haven’t already done so.

Consider getting a furnace tune-up as well, especially if it’s been a while since anyone has done professional furnace maintenance.  

Change Your Fan Settings

Though most of us already use our fans during the summer months, they’re also great tools in winter. Of course, this is only true if your fans rotate in the right direction: clockwise.

A clockwise motion can help pull cool air toward the ceiling. This pushes warm air lower to the ground, keeping the temperature more comfortable where you are. 

Use Heavy Curtains

During the winter, around 30% of a home’s heating energy dissipates through the window. In addition to a treatment like window film, heavy curtains can help you avoid this dramatic heat loss. The extra insulation from your heavy curtains can keep rooms warmer all winter long. 

Know How to Keep Your House Warm

From drafty doors to cold windows, the winter months can wreak havoc on any home. Fortunately, knowing how to keep your house warm can ensure that you and your loved ones stay cozy all winter long. 

As you work to insulate your home using the tips above, don’t forget that we’re here to provide comfortable, American-made furniture for every need. For more information, visit our showroom on Covington Road or contact us today. 

5 Benefits of Custom Design Furniture

5 Benefits of Custom Design Furniture

Currently, the furniture industry is offering more furniture choices for the differently abled. Standard office chairs can hold up to 300 pounds. Many furniture brands also offer products that accommodate the elderly. 

However, standard furniture manufacturers still can’t meet everyone’s needs. Assembly line furniture sells best when as many people as possible are interested in it. The differently abled are a minority. 

In these situations, custom design furniture companies can step in. They can make just about whatever their customers need. There are also many other benefits to custom furniture as well. 

Read on to learn about five of the benefits of custom design furniture. 

1. Furniture For Disabled Individuals 

A lot of the time, not much needs to be added to a piece of furniture to make it disability friendly. A wide table can accommodate a wheelchair. A desk can be adjustable to the point where a shorter person can use it. 

Yet, a lot of standard furniture companies still don’t offer products with these differences. A custom furniture company can.

2. Provable Eco-Friendliness 

Many furniture companies offer eco-friendly types of furniture. However, you can’t always be certain their furniture is what they claim. Some brands can be sneaky. 

A custom made furniture company can’t hide. You’ll follow them through the entire process and choose every material. That way, you’ll know what you’re getting. 

3. High-Quality 

Manufactured furniture is cheap. For many, that’s a good thing, but you get what you pay for. The lack of care that goes into this process means that your furniture won’t last long. 

This isn’t the case with custom types of furniture. A lot of individualized attention and stellar craftsmanship is put into these pieces. Thus, these pieces will last longer and look better. 

4. Match Your Home’s Decor 

Your home likely follows a certain decor. Oftentimes, furniture companies will offer sets that can match a certain decor.

However, this set may not have everything that you need. You may need and/or want one to two pieces that the set doesn’t include. A custom furniture company can make pieces that match the set exactly. 

5. One-Of-A-Kind 

Unlike the cookie-cutter pieces in a store, your custom furniture piece will be yours and only yours. By working with a custom furniture designer, you can get a piece that can represent your personal uniqueness. This can make a piece feel all that more worthy of being treasured by you. 

Get High-Quality Custom Design Furniture From Us 

Custom Design furniture can fulfill your every need. It will also last a long time, so your investment can go a very long way. 

Are you wondering how to get custom design furniture? If you’re near Fort Wayne, you can get it through us. 

Rainbow Furniture is a family-owned furniture store with over 85 years of history. As well as offering manufactured furniture, we also offer custom furniture with thousands of design options.

Visit us at our physical location in the long white building on Covington road whose address is listed at the bottom of this page

A Feast for the Eyes: 7 Dining Room Furniture Trends for 2021

A Feast for the Eyes: 7 Dining Room Furniture Trends for 2021

The 15-month long COVID-19 pandemic has undeniably changed how we view the dining room. Trends for dining room furniture in 2021 reflect this shift in attitude.

This year, dining room trends are all about creating a sense of intimacy, functionality, and informality in your eating area. Keep reading to get inspired with these 7 dining room furniture trends for 2021.

1. Bring the Outside Into Your Dining Room

The latest interior design trend is to include plants and not just your typical house plants you can now have an entire wall of greenery. Not only do plants bring a fresh vibe to your dining space, but they also have the added benefit of providing filtered air. 

2. When in Doubt: Make It Marble

The possibilities are endless when you consider adding marble to your dining room. Marble offers both timeless beauty and functionality. Marble is scratch-proof and heat resistant, making it an ideal material for tabletops and serving pieces. 

3. Dining Room Furniture That Plays Double-Duty

For many people during the COVID-19 pandemic, the dining room became a multipurpose spot. You can make your dining room a place where you can eat, entertain, hold meetings, or anything else you need the space for by adding comfortable chairs or benches. Avoid going for a structured look and mix and match your dining room furniture. 

4. Include an Art Piece

By adding an art piece to the design of your dining room, you’re bringing your own personal touch to your eating place. An art piece can also serve as a good ice breaker at awkward dinner parties.

An art piece will lose its effectiveness if it blends into the background. Make your art piece stand out with a contrasting frame. 

5. Everyone Is Equal at a Round Table

Replace sharp edges with soft curves and consider buying a round table instead of a square one. In addition to being safer, round tables lend to a more intimate and informal dining experience. 

6. Add Sense of Intimacy With Dividers and Partitions 

Open spaces are out, private spaces are in. Dividers and partitions are a great way to create a sense of privacy without having the room feel cramped. 

7. Outdoor Dining Areas 

The pandemic impacted homeowner’s ability to host indoor dinner parties, pushing people to think outside the box when organizing get-togethers. It’s anticipated that outdoor dining will remain a trend after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. 

Design Your Ideal Dining Room Today

If you’ve made it this far and still aren’t inspired, check out this year’s interior design trends for more dining room furniture ideas. How to choose dining room furniture is ultimately up to you, but don’t let that scare you. 

For nearly nine decades, Rainbow Furniture has supplied the residents of Fort Wayne with all of their furniture needs. We are known for providing high-quality, American-manufactured furniture.

If you’re looking for the best dining room furniture for your dream dining room, look no further than Rainbow Furniture. You can contact us online or visit our store on Covington Road. 

Color Psychology 101: What Colors Work Best in the Kitchen?

Color Psychology 101: What Colors Work Best in the Kitchen?

There’s a reason that professional interior designers spend so much time thinking about color. It can have a profound impact on your mood and emotions.

Color psychology is a real thing! Color psychology is the study of how color affects human behavior.

So what color should you paint your kitchen? Should you paint it red to stimulate your appetite? Or green to create a sense of calm? Keep reading to find out!

What Is Color Psychology?

Color psychology is the study of how different colors affect human behavior. It’s been around for centuries, and there’s a lot of information on the topic. But in a nutshell, color psychology is the idea that different colors can elicit other emotions and feelings in people.

There’s no right or wrong answer to color psychology; it’s about personal preference. Some people might love the energizing effects of red, while others might find it too overwhelming. It all depends on your personal preferences.

How Does Color Affects Mood?

Your kitchen color palette can significantly impact your mood. For example, if you’re looking to create a calm and relaxing environment, using cool colors like blue or green can be helpful. But if you’re trying to energize a space, using warmer colors like red or yellow can be a good choice.

Take into account the overall feeling you want to create in your kitchen. Do you want it to feel warm and inviting? Energetic and exciting? Calming and relaxing? Once you have a general idea of the mood you’re going for, you can start narrowing down your color choices for the walls and furniture.

How to Pick Colors for a Kitchen

Now that we’ve discussed how color can affect mood let’s look at some of the best colors for a kitchen, according to color psychology.

Consider using earth tones like brown or beige to create a warm and inviting space. These colors are associated with comfort and stability. They can also help to make a room feel more spacious and open.

If you want an energetic and exciting kitchen, consider using brighter colors like red or orange. These colors are associated with enthusiasm and vibrancy. However, be careful to use only a few colors, as they can be overwhelming.

Consider using cool colors like blue or green for a calm and relaxing kitchen. These colors are associated with peace and serenity. They can also help to make a space feel more open and airy.

Finally, if you’re looking for a unique and stylish color, consider using black or white. These colors are often used in contemporary design and can help create a clean and sophisticated look.

Find Furniture and Interior Design in Fort Wayne, IN

Of course, these are just a few colors you could use in your kitchen. Ultimately, the best color for your space will be the one you love the most!

If you want a professional touch in your kitchen design, call Rainbow Furniture in Fort Wayne, IN. Ann Beeching is an interior designer with over 30 years of experience in design and color psychology. She can be your kitchen interior design guide and find furniture and accessories that will complete the space.

For more information, call Rainbow Furniture at (260) 432-3549 or get in touch with us online!

How to Furnish a Home With American-Made Furniture You’ll Love

How to Furnish a Home With American-Made Furniture You’ll Love

Furniture. It can help turn your house into a home. This can also be an opportunity to show off your personality with how you design your home. 

Many Americans agree because the American-made furniture industry has a lot of value. In 2022, it is worth over $75 billion

If you just moved into a new home, you may be wondering how to go about furnishing your home. No worries! Read on for a furnishing guide that will take you in the right direction. 

Prioritize By Most Use 

The first thing you are going to want to consider is what furniture is going to get the most use.

One answer should be obvious. You are going to sleep in your bed almost every night, so you are going to want to make sure that you get the best bed that your money allows. 

Where you go after that depends on how you envision your living space. 

Are you going to spend a lot of time in the living room watching TV? Do you want a comfortable chair to sit on your balcony? How about a place where you and your partner can eat dinner? Maybe you want a good and sturdy work desk?

It does not matter what your priority is. What matters is that you are aware of what furniture you think is going to get the most use. Once you decide that, you can spend extra time focusing on those pieces of furniture. 

The Right Measurements 

The next thing that you need to keep in mind is the measurements that your ideal furniture has. You may have a vision of having a certain couch in your living room or a certain table in the kitchen. 

In reality, you need to make sure that your piece of furniture is small enough to fit in the space that you desire. This may be hard to tell at first because a couch is unlikely to be bigger than an entire room. 

However, you have to have a vision for the whole room. How important are clear walkways in your apartment? Do you care if your table takes up most of your kitchen space? 

These are things that you need to consider and make sure that they fit your ideal vision. 

Setting a Budget 

Finally, remember that it is ok to stick to a budget when it comes to furnishing your home. Most people spend at least $3,500 on furnishing their new homes. 

This may not be enough for you or it could be more than you would like to spend. You can try to limit your purchases or stick to basics on a minimal budget or be willing to spend a little more on more unique furniture. 

Either way, make sure you think about how much you are willing to spend on this on top of your other moving costs. 

Get Your American-Made Furniture 

These are some tips that you should know before buying your American-made furniture. Make sure that you measure your apartment and furniture accurately, prioritize the most important pieces of furniture, and set a budget for furnishing your apartment. 

If you do all of that, you should have no problem making these arrangements. 

Are you ready to get started? Message us today to see how we can help.