3 Top Furniture Trends for 2022

3 Top Furniture Trends for 2022

With everyone spending more time at home the past couple of years, we’ve started to notice that our living areas could use updates. When it comes to interior design though, there are many styles to choose from and when it comes to furniture, there are even more options! So where do we begin?

While our homes should reflect our personal styles and how we use our space, looking at the current trends can help give us some ideas of what we want in our homes to keep the look up-to-date.

What are the top furniture trends for 2022? Keep reading to find out what trends will be big this year.

1. Curved Lines And Patterns

The early days of 2022 have seen people ditching straight lines and objects that use them for curvier shapes. We’re seeing many more couches with curved backs, chairs with cozy rounded designs, and oval rather than rectangular desks.

These designs tend to brighten up a room and make it seem more playful than most furniture pieces would. A more lighthearted atmosphere might be just what the doctor ordered after the pandemic, lockdowns, and regulations that marked the past 2 years.

2. Vintage Designs

While curved furniture can be a trend in and of itself, it also plays into something bigger. There’s been an increasing interest in vintage looks as of late, though there seems to be a disagreement about what kind of vintage.

Some people cite the 1980s as the inspiration for this trend, while others credit the art deco movement of the 1920s. Given that the art deco period came earlier, and that it strongly influenced the designs of the 1980s, it’s probably safer to say that art deco was the main influence.

Either way, people seem to be longing for a simpler time, and that desire is showing in their furniture.

3. Textured Surfaces

Sometimes, how things feel is just as important as how they look. This is why materials such as velvet, imitation fur, and satin are popular.

Many of these fabrics are coming back into style this year, and the reason for it is quite simple. There’s never a bad time for comfort, and comfortable furniture can be a perfect distraction after a long day.

Textures can offer a lot of other benefits, as well. For instance, leather or faux leather doesn’t stain as easily as other materials, so it’s perfect for households with children or pets. Wool, meanwhile, is less stain-resistant but is soft and far more animal-friendly.

If you’re looking to update your interior home design, there are plenty of ways to go. We’ve discussed some of the biggest furniture design trends, but there’s always more to learn.

You can learn more about furniture and see some furniture options on our site. If you need your furniture delivered, we can offer that, too. Stop in today to view our American-made furniture and some of the newest trends in furniture for 2022.

Types of Living Room Furniture Sets, and How to Choose Between Them

Types of Living Room Furniture Sets, and How to Choose Between Them

Are you happy with your living room furniture set? With the lockdowns and social distancing regulations the past couple of years, many of us have been spending more time in our homes, on our furniture, and realizing that we could use new home furnishings.

If the home is where the heart is, then you want your house to reflect your personal style, especially your living room, where friends and family come to gather. But what living room furniture is best for your specific needs, and what’s available for you to choose from? Luckily, this article will cover all that and more. 

Are you curious about how to make the right decisions for your next home furnishings? Keep reading to learn all about living room furniture sets and how to choose them. 

What Are the Four Major Types of Furniture? 

Maybe you are thinking of changing your living room design? But, you came across multiple living room styles furniture varieties. Which is the right one for you, though? 

To help boil down the options, let’s explore the four major types of furniture. Living room furniture sets tend to consist of the following pieces:

  • Sofas and loveseats
  • Chairs and recliners
  • Side tables, coffee tables, and sofa tables
  • Home decor

As we said, these are simply general breakdowns of varieties. But, even more important than the type of furniture is the interior space you have. This is where the individual style of the type of furniture comes into play. 

Because within the genre of sofa you have a variety of designs. This means you can get a loveseat or a large L-shaped sofa. The question of which you purchase depends on the space of your living room. 

There are several home makeover trends you should be aware of. Some of these popular living room trends include:

  • Utilizing mirrors
  • Contrasting colors
  • Soft mixed with coarse
  • Elaborate patterns

One of the goals of living room design is to make the most of the space. Mirrors and artwork are the best way to add flare to your wall space. It also generates an illusion of space where the space seems limited. 

Mixing up the patterns and textures is another great way to add some flare. Using contrasting colors and textures is usually a no-no for your clothes, however, when it comes to furniture, it can create much-needed variety and difference. The colors help to lighten the mood and the contrasting textures add a sense of homeliness. 

Recliners and Sectionals 

Decorating your living room should make everyone feel welcome and comfortable. Recliners and sectionals are an excellent way to make all of your guests feel welcome.

With the proper use of space, these are the best way to provide a seat for everyone. Recliners or lift chairs are great for anyone who could use a boost getting up, and sectionals make good use of tight corners. 

Loveseats and Sofas

A loveseat has always been a couple’s favorite place. Loveseats are like a small sofa intended for intimate connection. 

In contrast, a sofa is the best place to lounge with friends. From watching football or movies to game nights, sectionals provide the best place for friends and family to hang out. 

TV Stands and End Tables

Lastly, you need spaces for your technology and nick-nacks. A good TV stand may be rustic to match a farmhouse feel. Or, it can be a simple mount to highlight your flatscreen.

End tables and coffee tables are an important part of your living room design as well. They provide convenient spaces for food and drinks. Hosting is much easier this way.

The Best Living Room Furniture Sets for Your Home

Finding the best living room furniture sets for your home may seem a little daunting. But the most important thing is to know what you want from your living room. Make your living room your space.

Our team at Rainbow Furniture can help you choose the best living room furniture set for your home and style. Contact us today with any questions you may have.

How to Choose a Bed: A Quick Guide

According to CDC data, one out of every three Americans says they don’t get enough sleep. Our lack of sleep is an epidemic, and there are many contributing factors. Stress, lifestyle, and mobile devices are all keeping us from the good night’s sleep we need to function.

One aspect of your life that shouldn’t contribute to your sleeplessness is where you sleep. Are you in the market for new bedroom furniture? Do you know how to choose a bed that’s right for your body and your space?

Read on to learn all about how to find the perfect bed for your space and your body.

Bed and Mattresses Work Together

Choosing a bed is about finding something that works with your space. If you’re in the market for a new bed, also consider if it’s time to buy a new mattress.

The average lifespan of a traditional spring mattress is eight years. An old mattress can interrupt sleep and cause body aches and pains. Not purchasing a new mattress when needed can harm your health and quality of life. 

The Right Theme

Your bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom. Though a bare-bones design might work for a college student or young bachelor, the right bed for you functions within the design aesthetic of your bedroom.

You have two options when choosing a bed. You can choose a bed as the catalyst for a new bedroom theme, or you can find a bed that fits an already designed room.

Height is Crucial

The height you choose depends on your mobility and design aesthetic. A too high bed might be a challenge for those with hip, leg, or back issues. A too-low bed presents a cleaning challenge.

Before you buy anything, make sure to take measurements, and don’t forget to include your mattress height when taking them.

Think of the Room

Are you outfitting your luxurious main bedroom? Are you shopping for a guest or spare room, or do you live in a city apartment with limited space?

There are types of beds for all of these scenarios. A canopy bed or sleigh bed might be perfect for your main bedroom, while a guest room bed complete with storage might be what you need for a guest room or small apartment.

Space is a premium for many so making sure that you have enough room for the bed you choose is important.

How to Choose a Bed

Quality sleep is so vital to your health. A quality bed that works with your space is a necessity for every adult. You’re not a college kid; you deserve a well-crafted bed.

How to choose a bed? There are so many styles and types of beds, but the one that’s right for you is the one that fits.

Are you looking for new bedroom furniture? Contact us today to speak with our design experts.

How to Choose a Sofa for Your Living Room

How to Choose a Sofa for Your Living Room

Finally ready to take your living room set up to the next level? Purchasing a sofa can be an exciting way to give your living space a new look. It’s a big decision depending on how much you’re willing to spend and the space you have.

A sofa can make or break a room, and you want to be sure it’s the exact style you need and want and something that you’ll love for years to come. When figuring out how to choose a sofa, there are several key elements to think about that will help you make the perfect choice.

Size and Shape

Sofas come in all different shapes and sizes, so it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the options you have before you buy the first sofa you see. What size sofa can fit in your space, and how many people does it need to hold? Do you want a sofa you can fall asleep on or one that is chic and suits a modern space?

Do you need a large sofa that can seat many people or a smaller sofa for a more intimate space? You might want a sofa bed that can be used for guests if you have a lot of visitors, or if you need an extra option if you don’t have a second bedroom.

You also want to make sure that the sofa you choose isn’t too big to fit through the doors to your home and entrance to your living space.


When you’re planning on buying a sofa, you need to know where it will go and what those measurements are before you purchase. Think about the room it will go in, how you will move it in, and how it will then fill the space. 

It’s helpful to rearrange the space how you would imagine it with the couch of your dreams and check that everything fits and works how it should. 

Style and Use

Choosing a sofa doesn’t just depend on how big it is, but also the color, style, and what it will be used for. Think of your home and who will get the most use out of the living room sofa. Do you have pets, and if so, will they be getting on the sofa often?

Are there certain colors and types of fabric that will work better for your home than others? Think about what is already in the room and also how durable you need the material to be. This can help you buy a sofa for the long term, as it will last with what you do and how you live. 

How to Choose a Sofa

When tackling how to choose a sofa, the most important thing is to plan ahead. Get your measurements and know the dimensions you can work with. Lookup a few designs so you know what you might want, and consider how you will use the couch and in what room it will live.

A living room sofa can be an investment that lasts a long time if you buy the right one, so make sure you think ahead and get one that will last.

Looking for a new sofa in Fort Wayne? For years Fort Wayne furniture buyers have trusted Rainbow Furniture for high-quality, American-made furniture. Stop in today to view our furniture showroom and the different sizes and styles of sofas that we offer. We even offer a free design service to help you choose the best sofa for your space.

6 Eye-Popping Ways to Use Accent Furniture in Your Home

6 Eye-Popping Ways to Use Accent Furniture in Your Home

Accent furniture pieces are an excellent way to brighten up your home. And there are so many accent furniture ideas to consider. You can be creative with furniture, which is one of the numerous benefits of accent furniture pieces such as chairs, coffee tables, china cabinets, and more.

Accent furniture pieces can take your room from drab and boring to fabulous and inviting. Keep reading to get inspired by six different ways to use accent furniture to spice up your space.

1. Choose Some Large Bulky Pieces

An accent piece doesn’t have to be small. Often a sizeable bulky selection can serve as the perfect accent piece.

A large china cabinet, a large decorative folding screen, or a distressed antique piece can work perfectly. Pick bold and striking colors that compliment each other and offset them with shells or nature pieces. 

2. Don’t Forget Your Entryway

Your entryway is the first thing people see, so focus your accent pieces in a way that makes a lasting impression.

The great idea is to choose a rustic bench that also functions as a storage unit. You can also select a unique chandelier that brings the eye upward. Finish it off with a distressed wood coat rack with a metallic shine.

3. Go Big With Small Tables

Small tables are a fabulous way to accent your room without making it feel cramped and cluttered. An accent table welcomes people into your room.

You can use small accent tables in any room. Don’t be afraid to go bold with bright colors or unique geometric shapes. Top it with a small vintage lamp and a pile of old books.

4. Focus on Your Floor

Your floor isn’t only for walking! So when you’re placing your accent pieces, think about decorating from the bottom up to the ceiling. What better way to do this than an accent rug?

A mistake people make is buying an accent rug that’s too small for their room. So the first thing to do is decide where you want to place the carpet.

A good rule of thumb is that you should have extra room on all sides if you place it under a coffee table. 

5. Make Your Dining Room a Delight

You can make your dining room table the delight of the dining room. It is a brilliant piece to accent your room and to liven it up.

So it’s time to update that outdated table. Think about the size and shape whether you want a rectangular, oval, or pedestal table. Then, think about how that will work in your room.

Strengthen the accent feel with a bulky lighting fixture and a thick decorative candleholder.

6. Spice Up That Kitchen

Think you can’t accent pieces to your kitchen? Think again! If you have some extra space in your kitchen, some accent furniture pieces can liven it up.

Consider using a wooden bench for extra seating or a small table with chunky accent chairs in the corner. You can even use a cabinet, armoire, or a wine rack. And finish it off with a large vase of flowers and a decorative bowl.

Accent Furniture Pieces

Now you have some ideas of where to put your accent furniture pieces. Then, it’s time to start looking to buy Rainbow furniture.

Rainbow Furniture is family-owned and has the experience to help you accent your home the right way. Contact us today to accent your life!

A Homeowner’s Guide to the Different Types of Sofas

A Homeowner’s Guide to the Different Types of Sofas

You’ve finally realized part of the great American dream. You just bought a home. Exciting, right? Now you need to furnish it.

You walk into a furniture store, ready to pick out the pieces for your dream living room. Like most people, you quickly become overwhelmed. With over 20 different types of sofas, how can you choose what works best for you? Don’t despair. We can help you determine how to choose a sofa.

Let’s demystify the world of sofas.

Types of Sofas

When it comes to sofas, there are many types to choose from. Loveseats, sectionals, modular sofas, chaises, sleeper sofa, reclining sofa, settee, and more.

The traditional sofa typically seats 3 people. You see these in the living room of a typical house, and they are generally between 6 and 8 feet long. 

One popular type of sofa is a loveseat. The loveseat is so named because it seats two people, invoking the image of a couple sitting together. Loveseats work well in a small space or a larger space combined with a larger sofa.

Sectional sofas come in parts that can be arranged to your liking. Sectionals work well in bigger spaces such as basements or large family rooms. They come in both L and U shapes left arm facing or right arm facing with chaise so you can find one that fits your space.

If you regularly have company and need extra sleeping space, sleeper sofas are the way to go. They’re a sofa by day and bed by night. Sleeper sofas have come a long way through the years and are more stylish and more comfortable than the hide-a-beds of the past.

Things to Consider

Sofas are not one-size-fits-all pieces of furniture. You may find a beautiful and comfortable sofa but it won’t work for your house. To pick the best sofa for your home, consider your specific needs. 

Children and pets mean more opportunities for messes. If you plan on hosting many parties, guests may spill wine or food on your couch. When you select your sofa and fabric, pay attention to the cleaning instructions. Certain fabrics are easier to clean than others. Some fabrics can repel stains, while others are water-resistant. 

Cotton, leather, and wool are durable and more suitable for sofas that will see a lot of use. Some fabric blends are less subject to wear and tear, as well. 

Silk and linen are luxurious fabrics that can make your high end sofa a conversation piece. However, both fabrics are delicate and need professional cleaning.

The location where you wish to place your sofa is important. A couch too large for your space will give your room a cramped feeling. A sofa that’s too small will make your room seem as though something is missing.

It’s best to measure the space where you intend to place your sofa. This way, you will know exactly what size couch will fit in your space.

Pick Your Perfect Sofa

Don’t let furniture shopping be an overwhelming experience for you. If you need help choosing from the types of sofas, we can help.

Contact us today. We would love to help you find the perfect sofa for your home.

Why Solid Wood Furniture Is Worth It

Why Solid Wood Furniture Is Worth It

Are you in the process of decorating your house, or would you like to bring a room to life with the addition of some well-thought-out pieces? Then, you should consider solid wood furniture. Wood is an exceptional material when it comes to furniture and has a host of benefits.

If you are keen to find out why wooden furniture is best, then read on. We are about to unveil some of the most impressive qualities of this beautiful material.

Solid Wood Furniture Is Durable

If you are serious about purchasing pieces of furniture that will last you a lifetime, then solid wood is a perfect choice. Its durability is second to none and means that future generations of homeowners can still enjoy the gorgeous furniture that used to belong to their ancestors, decades before.

With the right type of care, you can expect your solid wood furniture to live to 100.

It Has Plenty of Character

Are you looking for furniture that is classy, stylish, and beautiful while also making your home that much warmer and cozier? Your best bet, once again, is opting for solid wood.

A single solid wood item can utterly transform the look and feel of a whole room. This is mostly due to the fact that, because of natural variations and aging, this material presents features that make each piece utterly unique and with heaps of personality.

It Helps You Breathe New Life into Your Home

Those who love to bring nature into their living spaces will absolutely fall for solid wood. Its charm and elegance go hand in hand with the positive, welcoming feeling that natural wood offers.

Reminding of the great outdoors, adding solid wood furniture to your home is a way to create a happier and healthier living space.

It Is Versatile

Whether you are on the hunt for solid wood desks for your home office, or for solid wood dining chairs for your kitchen, you can rest assured that there are stunning products that can meet your requirements. Versatility, in fact, is the name of the game when it comes to solid wood furniture.

This material is super adaptable to the widest range of environments and decorative or functional needs, which makes it an obvious choice for many savvy homeowners.

It Is the Best Choice for the Planet

Last but by all means not least, one of the most important benefits of solid wood furniture is its sustainability. Solid wood is biodegradable, which means it is a very environmentally friendly material.

Choosing solid wood over synthetic materials is not only the most beautiful but also the greenest decision you could make for your home. 

Choose Solid Wood, Choose Style, Durability, and Charm

To add a touch of elegance, celebrate your love for nature, and transform the look and feel of any room, solid wood furniture is perfect. 

Its versatility and sustainability make it the ideal choice for eco-savvy homeowners who are looking for truly unique pieces for their living space. 

At Rainbow Furniture, we offer a beautiful selection of solid wood pieces: why not take a look now? Contact us if you have any questions or need help or inspiration to choose the right item for you.

Mattress Maintenance 101: How to Clean Mattress Stains

Mattress Maintenance 101: How to Clean Mattress Stains

Mattress coverings are an important piece of bedding that helps protect your mattress from stains and soils as well as increasing it’s life span. However, even with all of our precautions, mattress stains can happen. 

Body sweat, oils, urine, blood, and other bodily fluid can stain your mattress leaving ugly yellow and brown stains along with bacteria. 

Stains are difficult to remove when not taken care of immediately. If you take action right away, you can get rid of most stubborn stains with the use of everyday ingredients.

Don’t lose sleep worrying about mattress stains. Read on to learn how to clean mattress stains and to keep your mattress looking new.

1. Remove the Beddings

To get the best sleep possible, make sure that you have a clean mattress. When cleaning spills off a mattress, first remove the bedding. Throw these into the washer immediately to keep stains from setting into your sheets and other bedding.

2. Know the Type of Stains

When learning how to clean mattress stains, identify the type of stain you’re dealing with. Different stains will require different approaches or techniques.

If you’re dealing with bodily fluids like blood or urine or the result of spilled food and drinks, don’t soak the bed. Spot clean the stained mattress with  a mixutre of baking soda, salt, and water. Give it a good scrub and let it settle for 30 minutes Clean the spot using a damp towel to rinse the solution. Finally, blot the area with a dry towel.

3. Deodorize the Mattress

Baking soda has a lot of uses from helping baked goods rise, to removing stains, keeping your refrigerator fresh, and even as a toothpaste! But, did you know that it’s also great for deodorizing your mattress? 

One cup of baking soda mixed with a few drops of your favorite essential oil will deodorize the mattress to remove any smell. Shake the mixture over your entire mattress including the are you just cleaned. The baking soda mixture will not only freshen your mattress but will also absorb any moisture to make it easier to dry. Let the mattress sit until you’re ready to remake the bed to allow it to completely dry.

4. Vacuum the Mattress

Vacuum the mattress to remove the baking soda mixture along with any dust and dirt that have accumulated deep in the fabric. Avoid pressing too hard when using the vacuum suction to avoid damaging the surface.

5. Dry the Mattress

Flip the mattress and check the underside for any stains. If there are no stains, you can deodorize and vacuum for a fresher-smelling mattress. Leave it to dry for a few hours and enjoy a new clean mattress.

Now You Know How to Clean Mattress Stains

Cleaning mattress stains is easy when you know the right techniques. Rest easy knowing that your mattress is clean and fresh.

Even with the best cleaning, some stains can’t be removed. If you’re ready to replace your old, stained mattress, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today at Rainbow Furniture and rest assured in knowing that you’re buying from a local, family-owned business that cares about your comfort!

Tips and Tricks for Defining Your Personal Interior Design Style

Tips and Tricks for Defining Your Personal Interior Design Style

With literally hundreds of different interior design styles it can be difficult to really find your own. And then incorporating a design style into your own home can be even more challenging.

But it doesn’t have to be intimidating. Read our simple guide on tips and tricks for finding your unique design style. Let’s make your home design dreams a reality.

1. Take a Design Style Quiz Online

Need help defining your style? Take a quiz! Online quizzes are an easy way to help you find out your interior design style. Online quizzes will ask you to choose your favorite from a few different options to help you find your style.

There are several free online quizzes that can help you identify which design styles match your personal preferences. Here are a few that may help:

  1. Designer Society of America Quiz
  2. HGTV Quiz
  3. Buzzfeed Quiz

These quizzes usually provide you a one-word design style. But the truth is, many people have a design style that’s a combination of two or three different styles. Note all of your quiz results.

2. Pinterest is Your Best Friend

Once you’ve got the results from your design style quizzes it’s time to turn to Pinterest. If you don’t have an account then start one. Accounts are free and very useful for finding and collecting all your design ideas. 

Once you have an account use the search bar to type in your design style quiz results, the name of the room you want to decorate, and then the words “design ideas” or “inspiration”. It might look something like this:

  • “farmhouse bedroom design ideas”
  • “contemporary kitchen design inspiration”
  • “mid-century modern bathroom inspiration”

Once you enter your search Pinterest will populate a series of popular images that match your search. If you find ideas and images that you like you can “pin” them to a personal Pinterest board.

A Few Other Pinterest Tips

  1. If you’re designing or decorating several rooms in your home then it’s a good idea to make a Pinterest board for each room. 
  2. You may start to see other keywords associated with your design style. If you notice other adjectives used to describe your style, note those with your original quiz results.
  3. Once you’re ready to start decorating or purchasing furniture it’s a good idea to try and select one main Pinterest image that encompasses your ideas for each room or area. Too many ideas can make for a cluttered or confusing space. Pick your favorite picture and stick with that.

3. Now It’s Time to Shop

Once you’ve taken the style quizzes and curated a Pinterest board that matches what you like, it’s time to shop. Head to our large furniture showrom today share your design style and inspiration photos with a design specialist.

One of our professionals can help you find the furniture and decor that fits your design style and your budget. 

Ready, Set, Style!

Finding your home design style and incorporating it into your home isn’t just fun, it’s a perfect way to make your home a haven. 

Contact us today for help with interior design for your home.

Ensuring a Great Night’s Sleep: The Pros and Cons of a Hard vs Soft Mattress

Ensuring a Great Night’s Sleep: The Pros and Cons of a Hard vs Soft Mattress

Making sure you have a good mattress is key to waking up well-rested in the morning. Choosing the right mattress is a huge decision, especially if you’re not sure about the pros and cons. 

Do you know what type of mattress will help you get a good night’s sleep? We’ll outline the differences between a hard vs soft mattress. We’ll help you understand which mattress is right for you. 

Advantages of a Hard Mattress

A lot of people who have difficulties sleeping at night suffer from back pain. If you’re one of these people, a hard mattress might help.

If you suffer from lower back pain, try a firm mattress. While sleeping on a hard mattress, your bones absorb the pressure and put less stress on your muscles. When there’s less strain on your muscles, your circulation improves, too.

A hard mattress adds extra support to your back, keeping your spine aligned and straight. Sleeping on a hard mattress can help distribute your weight, too which means that you’re less likely to suffer from back pain because your body weight is distributed evenly.

If you sleep on your back, you’re more likely to notice the benefits of sleeping on a hard mattress. But people who sleep on their stomachs might notice an improvement as well.

Disadvantages of a Hard Mattress

If you’re changing from a soft mattress to a hard mattress, you may feel uncomfortable for a few days. It’ll take time for your body to adjust to the new, hard mattress.

Some studies show that sleeping on a hard mattress makes lower back pain worse. Sleeping on the wrong type of mattress might worsen existing back pain, and it can cause it, too. 

Advantages of a Soft Mattress

If you have a standard mattress and suffer from back pain, try sleeping on a softer mattress. This helps if you have pre-existing back problems as well.

If you’re on the lighter side, try sleeping on a softer mattress. A hard mattress doesn’t compress well for lighter people because they don’t weigh as much.

Sleeping on a soft mattress is better for people who sleep on their side or in the fetal position. Soft mattresses cushion the shoulder and the hip, so it’s not as uncomfortable as a hard mattress.

Disadvantages of a Soft Mattress

The differences between a hard vs a soft mattress are few and far between. For example, both can cause you to suffer from back pain.

If your mattress sags because it’s too soft, this might give you back pain soon. Sleeping on a soft mattress might push your spine out of alignment. This makes it painful when you sleep on your back.

It isn’t easy to pick a mattress for a shared bed. You might disagree on the mattress firmness. Also, people tend to complain about sleeping on a soft mattress because of back problems.

Hard vs Soft Mattress

Weighing the differences between a hard vs soft mattress might cause difficulties. The main thing is back support. If your spine isn’t supported, you might face suffering from back pain.

Choosing a mattress that suits your sleep needs depends on personal preference. Haivng a hard time choosing a mattress? Stop in and try out the mattresses we have for sale.

Don’t forget to visit our contact page to speak with a staff member about which mattress is right for you.