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Winter in Fort Wayne is not something to underestimate as a homeowner. The coldest days can reach an average of 22.9 degrees Fahrenheit, and snowfall averages roughly 33.6 inches yearly. If any problems with your home pop up, it becomes that much more difficult to do home repairs.  Instead, it would help if you started your maintenance and repairs in the fall. Make sure that things like your pipes and HVAC system are prepared for weather that gets below freezing. Here are some tasks you may want to add to your home maintenance checklist. 

Tend to Your Yard

One part of your regular maintenance during the fall months is to rake all the leaves in your yard. This is especially important if you have a lot of trees that like to shed.  The problem with excess leaf matter in your yard is that it will smother the grass and inhibit growth when spring comes around. A leaf covering will also promote snow mold diseases and provide shelter for pests. 

Insulate Any Drafty Doors and Windows

If you want to keep your house warm in the winter, you’ll need to eliminate any drafts bringing in cold air.  Homeowners can insulate their doors and windows using weather stripping. This product will help stop your warm air from escaping outside as well as keep any pests from slipping in underneath your door. 

Check Your HVAC System

Your heater is key to surviving temperatures below freezing. Regular maintenance will help make sure your HVAC system is still working and ready for the winter.  Expect to get your furnace cleaned and examined at least once a year. Ideally, you have it looked at in both the spring and the fall. 

Inspect Roofing for Any Leaks or Damage

If you’ve invested in luxury furnishings, the last thing you want is for them to take on water damage. The same goes for the rest of your home.  Have a professional take a look at your roof to see if there are any signs of damage. The smallest gap in your shingles could worsen with the help of water and ice. Clearing your gutters will also help prevent water and snow from building up. 

Winterize Exterior Plumbing

Finally, get your exterior plumbing ready for the cold. You can do this by disconnecting any hoses, draining your spigots and pipes, and installing outdoor faucet covers. You’ll also want to shut off the water supply to your irrigation system like your sprinklers. 

Begin Your Fall Maintenance and Repairs

Calling in a professional for maintenance and repairs may seem like a waste of time, but it can help save you money in the long run. You’ll also want to do your part by turning off external water supplies, cleaning up your yard, and insulating your home.  Rainbow Furniture in Fort Wayne can supply you with the high-quality, American-made furniture you’ve always wanted. Choose from hundreds of different fabrics, finishes, sizes, and more. Contact us if you’re interested in our stock and visit our showroom on Covington Road.