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How to Prepare Your Home For Holiday Entertaining

How to Prepare Your Home For Holiday Entertaining

With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to start planning for friends and family coming from out of town.

To make sure everyone is cozy and comfortable, you’ll want to follow some holiday entertaining tips that’ll make everyone happy.

The furniture that you purchase should be tops on your list, and you can find the help of a company that’ll help you out.

When you’re looking to capitalize on your holiday hosting, read below for tips on preparing your home for entertaining during the holidays.

Buy The Best Dining Room Table For Holiday Entertaining

When you’re planning on bringing the family in for holiday entertaining, the dining room table is a critical fixture. You’ll need to find a dining room table that is first and foremost large enough to accommodate everyone for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner.

Look through a furniture store’s inventory to find a beautiful dining room table that is both sturdy and stylish.

It pays to visit a furniture showroom in person so that you can see what selections are available. Be sure to focus on style and design and include options like rectangular tables, contemporary colors, and a luxury dining room table.

Once you have your dining room table in place, be certain that you also purchase covers and dressings to decorate it.

Arrange For Additional Sleep Space

When it comes to holiday entertaining, sleep space is everything.

Having carloads of family members arrive for the holidays requires you to get creative. For instance, you might need to grab some sleeping bags or blankets to set up pallets.

Buying an air mattress will also be worth your while so that people can sleep comfortably in different areas of the home.

Purchasing a pullout couch is also a great consideration – as it doubles as a place to sit and relax while watching Christmas movies while turning into a bed once it’s time to go to sleep.

Think about your square footage and arrange the sleeping arrangements in a way that is conducive to your holiday entertaining goals.

Consider Switching Out Mattresses

Buying a new mattress lets you give your family members a beautiful nights sleep — particularly if you have relatives that are elderly or that have back problems.

Some examples of mattresses that you can purchase include memory foam, latex, gel, and hybrid.

Your family members will be appreciative that you took the time to accommodate them.

Shop Our Showroom Today

No matter what sort of furniture needs you have, Rainbow Furniture has you covered.

We understand that the holiday season can be hectic — especially when you have family coming and need to entertain. Let us take away some of that burden by providing you with great options for furniture pieces.

When you shop with us, you’ll have access to a number of selections for your living room, bedroom, dining room, and any other area of your home. We’d be happy to show you our selections to help find the right fit for you.

If you have questions, contact us for more information.

Why Quality Furniture Is A Great Investment For Your Home

Why Quality Furniture Is A Great Investment For Your Home

When you need your home to be stellar, comfortable, and convenient — start thinking about buying some quality furniture. Rather than just buying a few cheap pieces to get by, you should shop for furniture that will transform your home without needing to be replaced again in a few years.

Let’s dive in to see exactly why top-notch furniture is an investment that is well worth your money and consideration.

#1: It’s Necessary For Your Health And Quality Of Life

Buying excellent furniture is more than just a financial purchase. When you purchase quality furniture, you’re really investing in your overall quality of life. Since close to 80% of people will endure some form of back pain during their lives, you most definitely need to buy furniture that supports your body weight. This gives you a peaceful and comfortable place to relax and unwind every single day after work.

Aside from physical care, buying quality furniture is great for your mental health and lets you take pride in your home as a whole.

#2: Great Furniture Sets The Tone For Flow And Convenience

Feng shui is serious business when it comes to outfitting your home with furniture. Purchasing quality furniture pieces let you be mindful of the flow of traffic and overall aesthetic appeal inside of your household. These things matter since most of your time is spent inside the home and you owe it to yourself to arrange each room to your liking.

High-quality furniture pieces can transform a boring, nondescript room into one of luxury.

#3: You Build Tangible Value To Your Home

Buying quality furniture increases your home’s value as well. High-end furniture pieces are considered assets that can increase in value depending on the level of craftsmanship. Professional home remodelers often start with furniture pieces when attempting to transform a property. By taking the time to purchase furniture that has a level of style and value, it becomes an investment, rather than just a simple decorative purchase.

#4: It’s More Feasible To Entertain Company

Entertaining company is a huge part of home ownership. When you close on a property, one of the first thoughts you have is how much fun will be enjoyed during family and friend gatherings. Investing in some great furniture ensures that you can accommodate plenty of people during gatherings. Not only will everyone have a place to relax — they’ll do so in comfort and style. You can outfit your living room, dining room, and guest rooms with any fixtures that’ll make people feel as welcome as possible.

When you’re shopping for furniture, make sure you envision gatherings when seeking the right pieces.

Purchase Quality Furniture

Now that you know a little bit about buying furniture, it’s time to start shopping. Buying quality furniture is quite easy when you touch base with a furniture shop that’ll help you out. If this is what you need, Rainbow Furniture is the cream of the crop. Take heed to these four tips and contact us today to begin shopping for some quality furniture.

5 Signs It’s Time for New Living Room Furniture

5 Signs It’s Time for New Living Room Furniture

The living room is a central hot spot of the home, a place where your family makes memories and the echoes of laughter linger for days. Don’t let your living room furniture kill those good home vibes.

True, it can hard to say goodbye to some of your favorite pieces. Nothing lasts forever, even when it comes to your living room furniture. Look for these telltale signs that it’s time for an update:

Most of Your Living Room Furniture Is Damaged

A little spot of wine or your kid’s dinner on the bottom edge of your sofa doesn’t warrant a completely new living room suite. However, if you notice that most pieces of furniture have some kind of damage, such as stains, tears, or cracking, you’re overdue for a living room makeover.

This damage goes beyond cosmetic appeal. Tears and cracks in the upholstery weaken it, allowing it to become more susceptible to damage. Spills that are not properly cleaned out of the fabric can harbor mold, bacteria, and germs.

You could try to repair these issues, but given the amount of time and materials it would take to doctor your furniture, you’re probably better off donating it and buying something new.

You’re Embarrassed for Others to See Your Living Room Furniture

If your family and friends have nice or new living room furniture, you might cringe at the thought of them seeing yours. If your furnishings make you feel this way, it’s probably time for a change.

However, if you’ve stopped yourself from making the move because nothing is technically “wrong” with your furniture, think again. Your home should make you happy, and clearly, your furniture isn’t doing its job. The positivity new furniture brings is more than worth it to chuck your old-yet-functional pieces.

Your Furniture Hurts Your Body

You might not immediately realize the physical pain your old armchair or sofa cause you because you’re used to it. But if you or your guests feel sore after sitting in a particular spot or you notice guests are picky about where they sit in your living room, your furniture might be to blame.

You Move Into a New Space

Depending on size, color, lighting, and other factors, your former sofa and coffee table might not be practical or aesthetically pleasing in your new space.

That’s not to say you need new furniture each time you move – that could get expensive! However, it does mean you might have to part with a few things or be open to decorating changes whenever you move.

Your Tastes Change

Everybody’s taste changes. For instance, that futon you loved so much in college would never make its way into your family living room a decade later! Even if your current furniture isn’t that old, changing decor can bring new life into your space.

If you aren’t sure where to start, take advantage of our free interior design service to help you find your signature look.

In Closing

Furniture has its obvious functions, but it’s also your chance to add character to your home. That doesn’t mean you have to toss out everything and start from scratch, either. Even adding an accent chair or other statement piece can go a long way in bringing a newfound sophistication to your space.

It’s best to plan your look, then prioritize your purchases – you’ll wish you’d done it sooner!

What are the Benefits of Buying American Furniture?

What are the Benefits of Buying American Furniture?

In 2015, almost 8 in 10 American consumers say they would rather buy an American-made product than an imported one, according to a Consumer Reports survey.

People are even willing to pay up to 10% more to know that this is the case.

Why do people feel this way? When it comes to furniture, what are the main benefits of buying American furniture versus imported items?

Read ahead to see what people say.

Customization & Craftsmanship

We like to think that we are getting the best value for each dollar we spend. Don’t you spend a few extra minutes after finding that perfect dress to make sure that all the seams look tight and it doesn’t have any spots on it? We all review the racks available in our size and make sure to get the best one available.

Unfortunately, furniture is not quite so simple. They don’t have twenty of the perfect couch sitting out for you to walk around them and pick through to make sure it is flawless.

American furniture is made with quality hardwoods and put together by master craftsmen. You are not only purchasing a superior product, that will stand the test of time, but you are also purchasing an outstanding and reliable warranty.

That’s why American furniture purchases are perfect when you are getting ready to make the sizable investment into an heirloom dining room set that needs to last through your grandchildren.

Don’t you deserve the options and customization available to truly make that investment of furniture customized to you and your decor?

Investing In America’s Future

Manufacturing in America to produce this furniture guarantees thousands of jobs. We all want to make sure those employment opportunities are there for our future children and grandchildren for years to come.

When we keep manufacturing products in our own country, we can make sure that the labor standards and environmental factors are followed properly. Outsourcing to other countries is all the rage, but these are sensitive and controversial subjects. Eco-friendly practices and child labor shouldn’t have any room for error!

When we invest our hard earned money into American furniture, we are ensuring that the most current technologies are being used in conjunction with the highest craftsmanship.

Pride In American Furniture

American’s led the world in mass producing everything from automobiles to televisions, but the “deindustrialization” is continuing at a frightening pace. The only way to keep our manufacturing plants from disappearing abroad is to keep purchasing locally.

As Americans, we have great pride in our independence. Shouldn’t this same pride reflect in our purchases? Importing items that we can produce locally is contrary to our innate national honor.

Join the growing group of Americans who are making a real effort to keep the market strong.

Visit our website at Rainbow Furniture to see what American brands are available right now. Meet the craftsmen of our future.

How to Create a New Interior with a Modern Dining Set

How to Create a New Interior with a Modern Dining Set

Looking to spice up the layout of your home? Not sure what you could change or create to make it feel cozier?

Designing the perfect dining room can create a new, beautiful space for hosting and entertaining guests. Having the right modern dining set will make your house the perfect spot for Thanksgiving dinner or any birthday celebration.

Not to mention, having a place where your family can gather and share or create memories will make your home feel homier. If you’re interested in finding out more about how to switch up the interior of your house with a modern dining set, follow along!

A Few Decorating Tips

The first step in the interior decorating process is to decide on a theme. Think about what you want your space to look like, what colors you’d like to include, and what accessories you’d be willing to add.

Plants tend to be a go-to accessory for people designing living and dining room spaces. They bring a beautiful pop of color to the more neutral tone of the room.

If your living and dining room areas are in the same physical space with no dividing walls, try sticking to the color palette that’s already in place. If the two sections of your open space clash, it won’t be pretty.

Deciding on Main Pieces

The Rug

The right rug can bring the whole room together. There are two routes you can go with this. You can either pick a bright, bold pattern or a one-toned, neutral piece.

If your accessories are not too loud and the room seems too minimalistic for your taste, don’t be afraid to add a rug with a crazy print. You might love it!

However, if you like to accessorize walls and floor spaces, maybe opt for a more simple look. You don’t want your dining room to feel overwhelming.

The Modern Dining Set

The centerpiece of your room will be the dining table. It’s important to pick the right furniture, as it will be the main focus of the room regardless of how many accessories you’ve decided to place around it.

Think about how the color of the furniture will match with the tones you’ve selected for the room. If the colors complement each other perfectly, people will think your furniture is custom made!

You should also think about what material you want your furniture to be made out of. Although wood is a classic, some prefer an easier-to-clean glass surface.

The Chairs

If you’ve already picked a neutral rug and your accessories aren’t over the top, don’t be afraid to experiment with prints and textures! Printed chairs can add a sophisticated and modern touch to your otherwise neutral dining room.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know a few basic interior decorating tips and tricks, it’s time to put them into action. If you’re overwhelmed by the process and don’t know where to start, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We provide only the highest American-made quality pieces and have the expertise and resources to guide you through an entire dining room transformation!

Power Reclining Furniture

power reclining furniture

Looking for reclining furniture? Sit back & relax in our newest furniture showroom, Power Alley by Best Home Furnishings. Power Alley features reclining chairs, reclining sofas, and reclining love seats and sectionals that make reclining as easy as a push of a button. And, with most other furniture in our Fort Wayne furniture store, it’s all American-made and can be customized to fit your personal style. Choose from hundreds of leather and fabric selections. Tilt your way to comfort with optional power adjustable headrests. Enjoy the view with low-profile recliners that are perfect in front of windows. Our Space Saver design allows your recliner to fit snuggly against a wall while still allowing a full recline. Stop in today and let us help you customize yours from thousands of styles, fabric, and finish combinations.

Visit Rainbow Furniture in Fort Wayne today to view all of our power reclining furniture options in our new Power Alley showroom.

How to Buy Quality American Made Furniture

How to Buy Quality American Made Furniture

Want to redecorate your home and give it a sense of style? If so, go shopping for furniture!

Whether you need a new sofa or a bed, there are plenty of options available. If quality is what you’re after, look for American made furniture.

Many stores sell cheap imports that can easily break. For instance, the lifespan of a couch is 10 to 15 years. Yet, most models nowadays only last for five or six years.

Customers tend to buy based on price. Many of them prefer “disposable” pieces rather than quality heirloom furniture. Unfortunately, they end up spending more in the long run.

American made furniture is built to last. With proper care, it will look like new 10 years from now. You want to buy pieces that fit and enhance the way you live.

Why Choose American Made Furniture?

Top American brands, such as Braxton-Culler and Norwalk, have made history. Millions of families are still using their products.

For instance, Norwalk has been offering custom upholstered furniture since 1902. Their pieces are timeless. From beautiful ottomans and sofas to loveseats, they provide furnishings for every style.

When you buy American furniture, you support local businesses. On top of that, you get the best value for your money. Cheap furniture, on the other hand, has to be replaced every few years.

The furnishings crafted in the U.S. will stand the test of time. They’re known for their sturdy construction and durability.

According to The New York Times, buying American can save the U.S. economy. This should be reason enough to choose national brands.

What to Look for When Buying Furniture?

Shopping for American made furniture doesn’t have to be a chore.

If durability comes first on your list, go for solid wood. Plywood is less expensive but has a shorter life. Steer clear of fiberboard and pressed wood.

Unless you’re buying from a renowned brand, it’s better to ignore sales. Discounts are distracting. Focus on quality, not price.

Choose furnishings that match the style of your home. Don’t buy things that you’re not comfortable with just because it’s the latest trend.

Pay attention to the smallest details. For example, quality sofas shouldn’t have creaky or wobbly frames. Check for hard spots and bumps in the back.

If you wish to buy a new coffee table, avoid glass tops and soft woods. These materials can chip or dent.

Don’t purchase complex, adjustable pieces because they break down more easily. Always check the joints and overall construction. With tables and bedroom sets, inspect the drawers and veneering.

In general, cheap drawers are made with rollers. A sturdy drawer will have wood binders.

As you see, buying quality furniture is not that hard. It’s the small details that matter.

Wrapping Up

Before you go shopping, make a checklist and take it with you. Decide what you want to buy and write down the things you need to watch out for.

Whether you’re shopping online or going to the store, choose a trusted supplier. At Rainbow Furniture Fort Wayne, we have been offering American made furniture for over 85 years. Our team can design custom furnishings that fit your home decor.

When was the last time you bought furniture? Do you have any tips to share? Leave a comment below!

Living Room vs. Family Room: Which Furniture to Buy?

Living Room vs. Family Room: Which Furniture to Buy?

After years of saving up, you’ve finally purchased the house of your dreams. It’s spacious and has not only a living room but a family room as well.

While you’re ecstatic to have both rooms in your new home, you’re a bit confused about how exactly you should go about furnishing these rooms. You’re tempted to select a similar layout for both, but your gut is telling you that there’s more to selecting furniture for them than that.

Further still, this whole living room vs. family room debate you’re having in your head is making it hard to believe that there’s any room left for your own personal interior decorating style.

So…what are these conventions? And are they as limiting as you think?

Let’s find out.

Living Room Furniture

Your living room is the center of your home, and there is a very traditional layout that is associated with living rooms. They typically include a sofa or two, an entertainment system, some tables, and some storage. Some even have a desktop computer, which is a modern twenty-first-century addition to the room.

When selecting furniture for your living room, style should be your priority. The living room isn’t designed for much play, which is what allows homeowners to play up the design elements of their living rooms.

The furniture you choose should be more formal than the furniture you choose for your family room since the living room is often used to entertain for formal events. We also recommend situating your furniture in a way that maximizes the light that enters the living room so that the center of your home can be nice and bright.

Family Room Furniture

Family rooms have a purpose that differs from that of the living rooms. If play rather than work is what a member of your family is looking for, the family is definitely the more suitable place for it.

As a result, family rooms are all about function and less about style. They’re usually equipped with expansive entertainment systems that include video games and stereo systems. You’re also more likely to see cozy pieces such as recliners in these rooms.

All in all, the furniture should be all about comfort. That said, it’s not unreasonable to think that the furniture in your family room will be less expensive or less formal than the furniture for your living room.

Living Room Vs. Family Room: The Major Distinction

So…living room vs. family room furniture. What’s the major distinction?

The occasion, as it turns out.

Having said this, don’t be too concerned about following the “rules.” It’s your home, and you should do what’s good for you and your family.

Because the only rules that matter in your household are the ones that you set.

In any case, we’d love to hear from you, so feel free to contribute to the discussion in the comment section below. How do you go about choosing your living room and family room furniture?

How to Find Your Own Interior Decorating Style

How to Find Your Own Interior Decorating Style

So you’re thinking of changing the interior decorating style of your home. But it’s not always easy to know exactly what you’re going for.

Decorating magazines and websites are filled with ideas, but there are more subsets of interior decorating styles than ever before.

What’s Your Interior Decorating Style?

Interior design and decoration is a $13 billion a year business, but nobody will ever know your preferences as well as you do — and you can redecorate the biggest room in your house for about $2,000 yourself, about a third of what a pro will charge.

In order to do that, however, you have to define your style… and here’s how to get started.

Interior Decorating Styles: The Main Types

You probably fall into one of several general categories:

  • There’s modern, which can also include contemporary, minimalist, or industrial.
  • Traditional, which ignores trends and rewards functionality.
  • Casual, sometimes called country or cottage, which emphasizes coziness and warmth.
  • The more recent formal style, which is clean and ultra-modern and like a boutique hotel room.
  • Transitional, straddling contemporary and modern.
  • Eclectic, when you successfully incorporate elements of different styles into your own.

Play Favorites.

Go through every room in your house — living room, the master bedroom, everything — and take a mental inventory of every single piece, from sofas to ottomans, from vases to light fixtures, from throw pillows to bookcases.

Single out which pieces you’ve had the longest and can’t bear to get rid of. These are the pieces you want to build your style around.

Make a Stylebook.

Don’t just passively browse those decorating websites and magazines; create a stylebook based on everything that captures your fancy. Pinterest is a great way to do this.

You can also photograph favorite pieces from your own personal inventory and keep those in there.

Pay attention to what patterns you see emerging!

Get Clues From Your Closet.

How you dress on a day-to-day basis says a lot about who you are: if you’re casual or formal, retro or modern.

Go through your wardrobe and repeat the same process you did with your furniture.

Think about what you wear around the house when you’re feeling comfy and what you wear when you want to dazzle the world.

This will help define the style you went for each room in your house.

Use Your Dreams.

Everybody’s got that one lottery dream home that they fantasize about, but the location of your dream home is just as important as what it looks like in this case.

If you dream of living near the water, for example, you might want to incorporate a more nautical theme.

Visualizing your dream location can also help you decide if you want to go Asian or Scandinavian, or something else entirely.

Step Outside.

This step is one that people changing their interior decor often let slip by.

What is it you like about where you live and the curb appeal of your home? Is it spacious or cozy, state-of-the-art or vintage?

Don’t ignore your backyard or your garden, either.

Have You Found Your Decor Style Yet?

Figure out who you are and then start buying furniture to match. Paint colors, appliances, curtains, carpet, and tchotchkes will follow.

Get a jump on the process by starting to define your personal style now with a free design service!

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Home Office Furniture

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Home Office Furniture

Are you one of the 3.7 million employees in the U.S. who spend half or more of their working days telecommuting? If so, then chances are you know how important it is to have a well-designed workspace at home.

How your workplace furniture is set up can actually improve your productivity. Moreover, you just don’t want to be spending eight hours in a day in a drab room where you don’t feel comfortable.

That means whether you just got a new telecommuting job or spend a few hours a week working from home, investing in a well-designed workspace will pay off.

But how do you get started? Here are three tips for handling the search for the perfect home office furniture.

Back to Basics

To get started, you’ll need to ask yourself some basic questions.

Get out a notepad and write out your answers. From there, we can look at what furniture will work for your space, budget, and your job.

How Much Space do You Have?

In order to furnish a room well, you need to start by looking at the space. Pay attention to how large the room is and where the natural light comes from.

Making measurements is key. Before going to the store, you should know how large your room is. This way, you can make sure the desk or table you choose will fit.

How Much Money do You Have?

From solid wood to plastic and metal furniture, cost and quality are both widely variable.

In order to put together the best possible home office, you’ll need to consider both how much you’re willing to spend and what kind of quality you’re looking for.

Remember: you get what you pay for.

What Will You Be Doing in the Office?

Your home office furniture should address the practicalities of your work.

If you use a lot of electronics, then you should find a desk that accommodates lots of wires. If you use paper at work, then filing cabinets may be the way to go.

What should your workspace like to help you be the most productive?

Working in Comfort

Making sure your furniture will fit your space and budget is only the first step. You also need to consider your comfort in the workspace, especially if you will be working long hours there.

How Long Will You Spend in the Space?

With American workdays getting longer and longer, long-term comfort is something to consider. Think about what type of chair you would be okay with sitting in for long periods of time.

Ergonomics, or the study of workplace comfort and efficiency, should also be considered. This means you shouldn’t ignore simple things like the space between your eyes and your screen at your desk. Also look at the lumbar support that your chair offers.

How Cluttered is Too Cluttered?

You may have heard of Feng Shui, or the art of creating harmony in your home.

Think of ways you can maximize this space so you’re comfortable moving around the office.

You don’t want to be tripping over your home office furniture. If you’re working with a small space, shelving units or desks with storage can be useful.

Home Office Furniture Style

Finally, if you’re going to be spending lots of time in your home office, it has to be a place where you’ll enjoy being.

What is My Home Office Style?

Style shouldn’t just be limited to the other parts of your house. The art of interior design should have a place here as well, and you can make the room pop just like any other room.

How Can I Balance Comfort and Style?

Of course, your home office can look great and still lack comfort.

The key here is to balance what you need to be physically comfortable and what you need to enjoy the space. The combination of the two will make you a more productive and happy telecommuter.