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How to Decide What American Made Furniture to Buy

How to Decide What American Made Furniture to Buy

Are you thinking about redecorating? Whether you’re thinking about redoing a bedroom or a dining room, there’s a good chance you’re going to need some new furniture to help you create your dream space. And, when it comes to finding beautiful high-quality pieces, you can’t go wrong with American made furniture.

That said, buying furniture can be a bit tricky and even intimidating, especially with so many furniture stores and so many furniture styles to choose from.

Ready to get decorating but aren’t sure where to start? Don’t panic. We’re here to help.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to choose the best American made furniture for your home.

Function Vs. Fashion

Even if your home looks as pretty as a museum — odds are, it’s not a museum. When you start looking at furniture, you’ll need to keep in mind that you, your family, and your friends are all going to use it. So, you’ll need to look for pieces that can stand up to your day-to-day life.

For example, if you have children or pets, your new furniture is going to have to withstand a lot of extra wear and tear. Buying American made furniture made with easy to clean and tear or damage-resistant materials will help keep your new pieces looking pristine for years to come.

Define Your Aesthetic

Your furniture is an integral part of your interior design scheme. So, you’ll want to find pieces that match the overall look you’re trying to achieve.

Identifying color schemes, themes, repeated patterns, and other design elements you would like to include in your space before you start shopping around will help you narrow down your search and find the perfect pieces to tie your room together.

Focus on Quality

There’s a lot of furniture out there that may look good online or on a showroom floor. But beware! Just because something looks nice, that doesn’t mean it’s high-quality. Fortunately, this isn’t usually a problem when looking at American made pieces.

Your furniture is an investment. It may be tempting to fill up a room with some low-budget, trendy pieces. But, there’s a good chance everything you buy will fall apart in just a few short years.

Before you start shopping, take some time to read up on reliable brands and look at reviews for pieces you like to make sure everything you buy will last for years to come.

Choosing the Right American Made Furniture for Your Home

By following these helpful tips, you’ll be able to find some stunning American made furniture to help you transform your house into your dream home.

Need a little extra help figuring out what’s right for your home? We’ve got you covered.

Contact us for more information about our design services or American-made furniture, or visit us to see what we’ve got for yourself today!

6 Tips to Know When You’re Buying Quality Furniture

6 Tips to Know When You’re Buying Quality Furniture

Are you trying to spruce up your home with some new furniture? Buying high-quality furniture can be a bit tricky, but not impossible if you’re working on a strict budget. 

While it’s tempting to by lower quality import furniture to save money, spending more on furniture now will actually save you money in the long run. Lower quality furniture doesn’t last as long which means you could be buying a new sofa or chair again in a few years when the import furniture breaks.

In this post, we’re going to give you 6 tips for buying quality furniture so that when you go shopping, you’re getting good quality furniture that looks great and lasts for a long, long time.

1. Find Out Where It’s Made

Shopping for quality furniture often comes down to looking at quality furniture brands. Reputation is huge in the furniture industry and the best brands put a lot of resources into a quality build. Look at where it’s made and the brand’s overall reputation before choosing a piece. 

Something mass-produced in a huge factory is less likely to hold together than something carefully built by a master furniture builder. That being said, many great brands have quality control checks to ensure the build is sturdy.

2. Upholstery

When you start looking at the piece itself, you want to look at the materials used. For items like sofas and chairs, the most obvious thing to look at is the fabric and the upholstery. Simply looking at and touching the fabric should give you a good indication of the piece’s overall quality, but don’t be afraid to get the magnifying glass out.

Examine the upholstery and look for any loose threads or difficult zippers that might be problematic down the road. The more you examine before you buy, the more sure you’ll be of the piece.

3. Is It Held Together Well?

This is a more difficult one, but try to look and see how the wood pieces are held together. You can give each joint a shake to make sure that it’s sturdy enough and, if you can see, avoid the following:

  • Small gaps around the joints.
  • Screws holding the wood together
  • Dried glue around the seams.

4. Cushion Filling

Quality furniture fillings can make a world of difference when it comes to comfort and longevity. You don’t want something that’s going to flatten out in a year because you’ll have to keep replacing it. Polyurethane foam is a great option, as it’s durable and easy to maintain, but there are loads of great filling options when you get into custom furniture.

5. Test It for Comfort

One easy way to tell if you’re going to appreciate the quality of the piece is to test it out. Take a seat on the couch or chair and stay there for a few minutes before you buy it. As long as you’ve cleared all of the materials and construction standards, then it should be as comfortable in 5 years as it is in the shop when you first try it out.

6. Custom Design

Being able to work with a custom design to make something perfect for you and your living room is almost always an indication of good quality. At Rainbow Furniture, we deal with a lot of custom furniture designers that allow you to choose from a wide variety of styles and sizes so you can get exactly what you want.

Find Quality Furniture in Fort Wayne

To find the best quality furniture, come and visit us at Rainbow Furniture in Fort Wayne. Select pieces from our showroom or let us help you custom design something that’ll fit perfectly in your home. All of our brands are of the highest quality and American-made, so you can rest easy knowing you’ve made the best quality furniture choice for your money.

11 of the Greatest Tips for Creating a Healthy Home

11 of the Greatest Tips for Creating a Healthy Home

Your home is a haven… but it could make you sick. Most pollutants are invisible to the naked eye and they can have a serious effect on your well-being.

This may sound scary, but there are some great ways to turn your home into the healthy home you’ve been looking for.

We’ve got some simple ideas for a clean and healthy home. If you’re interested in making some much-needed changes, keep reading to learn more.

11 Tips For a Healthy Home 

Many of these suggestions are simple and affordable. By incorporating these tips, you can make the change to a cleaner living area.  

What have you done so far from this list that benefits your home?

1. Use Filters

Install a whole-house filter to purify your water or attach a portable one to the faucet. If your fridge has a water dispenser, be sure to change it every six months.

Don’t forget about your furnace filter. Got a dust allergy or pets? Change it more often than the recommended three months.

2. Open Up

Open your windows for some fresh air (unless you suffer during allergy season). The air in your house can be five times dirtier than outside.

3. Watch Out for Harmful Chemicals

Harmful fragrances are in everything from cleaning agents to cosmetics. Consider switching to more natural products. 

Check your products for words such as:

  • fragrance
  • perfume
  • parabens
  • phthalates
  • triclosan

If your products have any of these ingredients, ditch them and go for greener alternatives.

4. Steer Clear of VOCs

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), are hiding in paint, stains, and furniture. They can emit fumes for as long as five years. Choose “Low VOC” or “No VOC” options for home improvement products. 

Buying new furniture? Opt for real wood instead of pressed or composite wood. 

5. Say No to BPA

Bisphenol A is a harmful substance found in plastics like water bottles and lunch containers. Many products are BPA-free, but be sure to double-check. Better yet, switch to glass for your food storage.

6. Close Up Holes

Check your home for cracks and holes that can let vermin in. Stuff a large exterior hole with steel wool to keep rodents away. Fill small cracks and holes with caulk.

7. Keep Detectors in Working Order

Install a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector on every level of your home, including the basement.

There should be a smoke detector right outside of sleeping areas. Make sure to check the batteries once a month.

8. Sanitize Frequently Touched Items

Frequently handled items sometimes carry more bacteria than a toilet seat. Regularly sanitize remotes, video game controllers, computer keyboards and mice, and smartphones. While you’re at it, hit the doorknobs and light switches too.

9. Dehumidify

Prevent mold by running the bathroom fan for twenty minutes after you shower. Invest in a portable dehumidifier if you have a damp basement.

10. Vacuum Regularly

Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to get rid of dust and toxins that can cause allergies and asthma. Don’t forget to vacuum your mattresses and furniture.

11. Go Green – Literally

Bring in live plants to help cleanse the air. Consider spider plants, philodendrons, and snake plants. If you have pets, make sure they aren’t toxic for them.

Learn More About Having a Healthy Home

Having a healthy home is more than just how you live – its how you care for your belongings and your space.

Are you doing everything you can to have a healthy home? If not, you can use these tips to create the space you want.

Staying In? This is How to Make a Living Room Cozy and Comfortable

Staying In? This is How to Make a Living Room Cozy and Comfortable

Forget about the bass. We are all about the hygge. Pronounced “hue-guh”, this Danish term encapsulates the feeling of coziness, comfort, and relaxation. More than a word, it’s a way of life.

Practicing hygee is even more important now when we’re spending more time at home? During the COVID-19 shutdown, we’re using our homes to work, relax, and entertain, so why not create a space you want to spend time in.

How to Make a Cozy Living Room

If you’re lost on how to make a living room cozy, not to worry. Creating a homey living room is easier than you think! Whether you’re redecorating your space or refreshing the room, consider these tips.

Select Comfy Living Room Furniture

This isn’t the place for formal seating. A large sectional or a deep sofa encourages you to curl up and sink in while watching a movie or binging Netflix. Skip the coffee table and replace it with an oversized upholstered ottoman that you can put your feet up on. (Bonus: it can be used as an extra seat for when you can start to entertain again.)

If you have armchairs, place them facing the sofa to invite conversation with your family.

Don’t forget accent tables. You’ll need a spot to rest your drink or snacks while curled up with a blanket.

Choose Touchable Textiles

Luxe fabrics are always a worthwhile splurge. You’ll love the feel of faux sherpa, textured linen, or leather in your comfy living room.

Draping a plush throw blanket on the back of your sofa creates a homey feeling. Bring up the comfort by layering soft pillows. They can even be placed on the floor for those who want to sprawl out.

Speaking of the floor, a high-pile area rug feels soft and warm underfoot. 

Be Mindful of Light and Color

In the evening, turn your lights down low, or turn them off altogether. All you need is the glow of well-placed lamps or candles. Opt for scented ones to infuse some fragrance into the room. Lavender is a great scent for relaxation.

Speaking of color, nothing screams cozy interior more than dark walls. Try trendy options like grey, forest green, or charcoal blue. Feeling bold? Go for black! Be sure to balance your walls with bright furniture and accents. Otherwise, your room will feel more drab than stylish.

Don’t Forget to Personalize

Bare walls are cold and sterile. Add art and decorations, and don’t be afraid to let your personality shine. Choose pieces that reflect your personality: large prints you love or accessories from your travels. Framed black and white photos of loved ones are sophisticated and intimate.

Have a collection of books? Show them off. If you’ve got large shelves, layer your books with photographs, vases, and other accessories. You’ll create a display that’s unique and visually appealing.

Put It All Together

These tips are sure to make the most utilized room in your home feel warm and inviting. Still wondering how to make a living room cozy and comfortable? You might be missing that one great piece of furniture. Contact us today to visit the showroom, or design a custom piece that suits your needs.

5 Signs You Need a Power Lift Chair for Your Living Room

5 Signs You Need a Power Lift Chair for Your Living Room

Right now, more than 19 million Americans have mobility issues, with the most affected age group being those over the age of 50. Millions of seniors face difficulty or discomfort when going about their daily lives, which is why it is important to ensure your home is equipped to make moving around easier.

One effective way to increase your comfort and ease of movement in older age is with a power lift chair. Power lift recliners make use of the latest ergonomic technology to maximize your comfort and make sitting down and standing up easy and painless.

If you’re wondering whether lift chairs are right for you, here are five signs that you might need one today.

1. You Suffer from Chronic Pain

One of the most pronounced benefits of the best lift chairs is relief from chronic pain. If like millions of Americans, you suffer from chronic back pain, arthritis, neuropathy, or circulation problems, a power lift chair may be just what you need.

These chairs take the strain and the pain out of sitting down, sitting up, or standing up from your chair.

The technology in power lift chairs will ease your movement and reduce discomfort resulting from chronic pain conditions.

2. You Spend a Large Amount of Your Day in a Recliner Chair

If you’re the kind of person who likes to spend their day with their feet up and relaxing, a power lift reclining chair will make it easier for you.

Power lift chairs have specialized settings for napping, sleeping, sitting, and standing. This means that you can adjust your chair at the touch of a button to make sure it suits your daily routine.

3. You Crave More Independence

One of the more frustrating aspects of older age is a feeling of lost independence. If you need caregiver assistance to help you get out of your chair, the best lift recliner chairs can give you some of that independence back.

You won’t need to rely on others for simple tasks such as sitting up and getting out of your chair. A power lift chair will take care of that for you.

4. You Are Worried for Your General Safety

One of the major risks that people with mobility issues face is injuries from falling. If you try to get out of a chair without assistance and fall down, the result can be devastating injuries. If you have concerns about your daily safety, then a power lift chair can help relieve some of that anxiety.

5. You Struggle to Go Upstairs for Bed

A very common struggle that older people face is climbing the stairs to go to bed in the evening. Stairs can be exhausting to climb and can lead to some pretty nasty falls.

However, power lift recliners mean that you can seamlessly transform your chair into a comfortable bed for the evening meaning you will no longer have to fear the nightly climb up the stairs.

Learn More

There are many ways that a power lift chair can improve your life, health, and safety. If you would like to learn more about how you can benefit, visit our showroom and let us show you our selection of power lift chairs that can be customized to fit your style.

7 Best Pet-Friendly Furniture Fabrics for Your Home

7 Best Pet-Friendly Furniture Fabrics for Your Home

A pet-friendly home does not have to equate to old, bulky, and ugly furniture that you don’t care about! Our pets make us happy, and there is nothing we wouldn’t do for them. But we don’t want to have to sacrifice style in our homes to provide that. The good news is that there are pet friendly furniture fabrics that aren’t your parents’ basement furniture that you can use in your home.

1. Denim

Ah, good old fashioned denim. It has a tightly woven pattern so it is great for those worried about catching cat claws or disguising pet hair.

Denim doesn’t have to be jean blue, it can be whatever color you like. We advise considering your pets’ hair color. If you have a white cat, you may not want to get black denim.

2. Microfiber

There is really no such thing as a cat-proof couch, but microfiber is close. Microfiber is another tightly woven fabric that is good at resisting clawing kittens.

If you have pets, you are not a stranger to a mess! Microfiber is a synthetic material that is easy to clean and maintain.

Darker microfiber colors will better hide pet hair.

3. Synthetic = Pet-Friendly Furniture

Synthetic materials are almost always preferred for pet occupied homes.

They’re preferred because synthetic fabrics can take a lot of use before showing signs of wear. We all know that fabrics that hold up are necessary if you’re a pet person!

4. Canvas

Canvas is another tightly woven synthetic fabric that is great at hiding dirt. Like microfiber and denim, it is less likely to tear from cat and dog claws and is extremely durable!

5. Leather

Leather is a great option for owners with allergies. It is easy to clean and vacuum the hair and dirt right off the furniture.

One thing to consider with leather, or its synthetic sister pleather, is your pet’s nails. You should keep your cats and dogs nails short so it doesn’t poke through the fabric.

Not only is leather pet-friendly, but it is so fashionable and can fit into any style home.

6. Woven Fabrics

Woven fabrics hide pet hair, tears, dirt, and pretty much everything having to do with a pet better than alternative fabrics.

To better imagine woven fabrics, imagine a velvet couch and your cat scratching it. It would tear right open! A woven fabric wouldn’t do this.

7. Outdoor Fabrics

Bring the outdoors inside! Some outdoor furniture pieces are super fashionable and don’t have to be used exclusively outside.

Outdoor furniture is designed for rougher use, so it will stand up to your cat’s claws and your dog’s bite much longer than many of its interior alternatives.

Pet-Friendly Furniture in Fort Wayne

Looking for pet-friendly furniture in Fort Wayne? At Rainbow Furniture, we carry a large selection of pet-friendly fabric that can be used on almost any furniture in our showroom. Visit us today to and let us help you design a piece of furniture that you’ll love that will stand up to your pets. With us, its furniture your way!

Custom Furniture Designs: The Best Advice For Buying Custom-Made Furniture

Custom Furniture Designs: The Best Advice For Buying Custom-Made Furniture

Furnishing your house can be a fun task, from choosing what goes into your living room, to kitting out your kitchen and bedroom. But how do you stand out from everybody else?

With custom-made furniture of course!

If you’re interested in showcasing bespoke, unique pieces of furniture throughout your home, then custom furniture designs are what you need! We guarantee you that custom made furniture designs will not only bring your home together perfectly, but they’ll also be great conversation pieces for all your get-togethers.

Keep reading for the best advice when buying custom furniture

Where to Start With Custom Furniture Designs

First things first: decide which rooms in your house you want to furnish. Are you after a truly unique living room? Or would you like a dining area that blows your visitors’ minds?

Put together a shortlist of the rooms you’ve decided on and then add to this list with the different types of furniture you could select. For example, if you’ve decided on your dining room, you could look at custom-made dining tables, dining chairs, or a beautifully made wall unit for storage purposes. The possibilities are endless.

Now you have a list to work off of, which will make your shopping easier.

Custom Furniture Selection Criteria

You may have found a few custom furniture pieces that you like. Now you need to decide whether they’re the right ones for you.

Before you can do anything, you need to analyze the space you have. There’s no point in purchasing an incredible custom dining table that simply won’t fit in the room you’ve chosen.

Go through each room and measure up the space available. This will make it easier for you when you visit the furniture store. You’ll want to make sure that the furniture you’re designing will fit perfectly in your space.

Choosing Styles

What’s your decorating style? Traditional? Modern? Farmhouse? Knowing your style will help you when choosing a new piece for your home. Not sure what your style is? Take a few pictures of your room and bring them with you to the furniture store. The designers will be able to help you find the perfect furniture to match your style. This is one of the major benefits over buying furniture online!

Choosing Fabrics & Finishes

Choosing the fabrics and finishes for furniture is the fun part! This is where you get to design furniture that is uniquely you! Do you love snacks or dogs? There’s a fabric for that! Do you prefer darker wood finishes or maybe white wood? You can do that too! You can even have different fabric patterns on the cushions or a different wood finish on seat bottoms. The choice is yours.

Choosing Sizes

When it comes to buying custom furniture, you don’t have to settle with what’s on the showroom floor. If a table or sofa is too big or smaller than what you’d like, chances are you can get it in whatever size you need to fill your space.

Do you need a dining room table that seats 8 instead of 6? No problem!

Do you want a

One More Useful Tip

It’s always a great idea to look for furniture that’s American-made so you know that you’re getting the best quality furniture. American-made furniture looks better, wears better, and lasts longer. And, while it may cost more, it will save you money in the long run because you won’t need to replace it in a few years when it wears out or breaks.

Enjoy Your Shopping

Are you ready to design furniture for your home? Visit our Fort Wayne Furniture store to get started!

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Dining Room Table Size and Shape

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Dining Room Table Size and Shape

Your dining room table is the place where everything happens. It’s where families gather for meals, where holidays bloom, and where your children will do their homework. That’s why it’s important that you find the right one.

The biggest obstacle to finding your table is the size and shape. It all depends on how big your space is and how many people you expect to be dining with.

Not sure what direction to go in? Let us be your dining table size guide. Keep reading for tips on finding a table that’s the perfect size and shape for all your needs.

1. Round

Round tables are the best choice for small dining rooms. They don’t take up as much space as square or rectangular tables because they don’t contain any sharp corners.

Round tables make it easier to see and talk to everyone at the table and are great for smaller, but won’t leave a lot of space to serve food from the table.

Size Guide

A four-foot diameter round table can comfortably seat four people. A five-foot and six-foot diameter one can sit six. An eight-foot will fit eight people and a ten will be able to seat ten.

These numbers can scale up or down depending if the table in question has a pedestal base or not.

2. Rectangular

If you’re working with a considerably narrow room then you’ll want to go with a rectangular dining table. They don’t take up as much room in dining rooms with this build.

Size Guide

This size guide is similar to the round table one. A four-foot one will sit four, a five-six foot one will sit six and so on.

The only difference is that a rectangular table that’s ten-eleven feet in diameter will fit a total of twelve people, not ten.

3. Square

Square tables make for a sort of intimate dining experience because everyone is an equal length apart. A square table is a good option if you’re placing it into a square room because the two will complement each other well.

Size Guide

When thinking about size, the larger the square table is, the harder it will be for everyone to comfortably reach for food. A four-foot one can fit four and a five-six foot one can fit six. We don’t recommend going up any higher than that.

4. Extension Table

Perhaps you only need a large table for during the holidays when you have a large number of guests with you. If this is the case, you can opt for an extendable table.

Keep in mind that if you go this route you’ll need to measure the table when it’s fully extended before you buy it. You don’t want to be surprised later when it won’t fit in your dining room.

Your Dining Table Size Guide

The dining room table is the place where so many events and experiences take place. It’s important that you choose the one that’s the right size and shape for your dining room. We hope you’re able to use this dining table size guide when you go shopping to find the perfect table.

Are you ready to get matched up with your dining room table? Contact us to ask about our showroom.

How to Recognize High-Quality Furniture

How to Recognize High-Quality Furniture

It’s hard to scroll through social media, watch a TV show, or read your local paper without being inundated with ads for furniture stores and furniture sales. You’ve probably heard your grandparents or parents lament that “they don’t make things like they used to” and furniture is no exception.

If that’s the case, how do you distinguish high-quality furniture from mass-produced, “fast” furniture? If you’re looking for some tips on how to find good quality, sturdy furniture that will hold up for decades to come, you’re in the right place. Here are 5 signs to identify high-quality furniture.

1. Hardwood Frame in Upholstered Furniture

When you’re buying upholstered furniture and can’t see the frame, be sure you check with the company or salesperson to ensure that the frame is made of solid wood. This will allow you to reupholster in the future as the material wears out. This means you can extend the life of your piece as well as change the upholstery as trends change.

2. Drawer Construction

When purchasing a dresser, end table, chest of drawers, china cabinet or other piece of furniture with drawers, be sure to pull them out and test how easily they roll as well as how they are constructed.

You want to look for dovetailed, mortise, or tenon joints, as this makes them stronger and able to hold more weight. Make sure there is no particle board used either, as this will wear out over time and cannot hold as much weight.

3. Manufacturer

Choose brands that have been around for a long time and have a reputation of building sturdy, heirloom-quality furniture. There are many American-made brands that meet these criteria, such as Wesley Allen, Norwalk, Parker Southern, and Temple Furniture.

4. Upholstery

A well-made piece of upholstered furniture shouldn’t have any loose threads, uneven seams, or patterns that don’t match up. Look at the other side of the cushions as well. If they are upholstered on both sides, rather than one side being tan or other colored cheaper material, they will last longer as you can flip them over every few months to reduce wear-and-tear.

5. Test the Cushions

If you’re buying a chair, sofa, loveseat, or another upholstered item, make sure the cushions are firm, yet soft. Check the springs and make sure they are tightly coiled and no more than a few inches apart. Remember, you don’t just want your furniture to look nice, you want it to be comfortable too!

High-Quality Furniture to Pass Down For Generations

High-quality furniture that is well made is timeless. It can be passed down from generation to generation, unlike mass-produced, assembly-required furniture that many seem to favor due to the low cost and ease of purchase. If you want to stop this cycle, use this guide to invest in quality pieces that will remain in your family for decades to come.

Visit our furniture store in Fort Wayne where you can find the type of furniture your parents and grandparents reminisce about. Most of our products allow you to customize the fabrics, colors, and finishes to get exactly what you want.

Saloom Makes the Modern Rustic Furniture Your Dining Room Is Missing

Saloom Makes the Modern Rustic Furniture Your Dining Room Is Missing

Rustic dining room furniture is all the rage right now. After the boom of the modern living room and kitchen decor in the last few years, we’re starting to see a move towards the modern rustic furniture feel. Furniture shops and interior decorators are now scrambling to stock up for this new design trend.

One brand that is spearheading this change is Saloom. Peter Saloom is a 2nd generation furniture maker that has developed a style all to his own. It’s the perfect fit for modern rustic furniture lovers all over the world.

Today, we’re going to look at what makes Saloom so wonderful and suggest a few key pieces that can bring your dining room to life. Let’s give that dining room a makeover.

Who Is Saloom?

Beginning in 1982, Saloom Furniture has had a constant dedication to providing quality craftsmanship, style, and positivity to the world of furniture design. In over 35 years of furniture production, it’s become one of the most innovative design companies in America.

The goal has always been to put special focus on high-grade materials and creativity. Saloom is versatile, working in several different styles over their long history.

Right now, it’s all about modern rustic dining tables, cabinets, and chairs. They’ll provide any room with great depth, a modern feel, and a subtle nod to an antique style.

You can’t go wrong with one of these unique, yet elegant dining room fixtures, designed by an award-winning furniture visionary. So, let’s now take a deep dive into some of Saloom’s finest pieces so that you can start conceptualizing your new dining room.

Saloom’s Modern Rustic Furniture Is the Way to Go

Saloom’s collection is made up of dark, earthy, wooden dining room tables, chairs, and cabinets. They come in various types of wood and even more finishes. Each unique piece is capable of giving your dining room an entirely new identity or revitalizing an idle one.

The natural aesthetic is perfectly suited for propping up an already rustic decor or providing contrast to the modernity of your other furniture pieces.

The Ambrose dining table, from the Oracle Collection, is a simple and sturdy trestle table with solid wood and steel brackets. Pair it with the Model 60 or Model 24 upholstered chairs and you’ll have the perfect centerpiece for your dining room.

For a more classic look, you could go with the Crescent Deluxe dining table out of the New England Collection.  It’s a pedestal table with wooden arching elements. This goes nicely with the elegant Model 18 Side Chair, which is a beautifully designed double X back chair with an upholstered seat.

Bolster your rustic dining room with a buffet. The M-CZA60-T2 is a maple transitional credenza with a floating top and base. It’s got two glass-window doors, 3 drawers, and a wine rack for displaying your finer dishes and silverware.

Go With Saloom

Don’t leave your dining room in the past, order some of Saloom’s modern rustic furniture today and see how it can transform your room. To order your Saloom dining set, visit www.furniturefortwayne.com, where you’ll find a wide selection of tables, chairs, and buffets from this amazing furniture designer.