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Currently, the furniture industry is offering more furniture choices for the differently abled. Standard office chairs can hold up to 300 pounds. Many furniture brands also offer products that accommodate the elderly. 

However, standard furniture manufacturers still can’t meet everyone’s needs. Assembly line furniture sells best when as many people as possible are interested in it. The differently abled are a minority. 

In these situations, custom design furniture companies can step in. They can make just about whatever their customers need. There are also many other benefits to custom furniture as well. 

Read on to learn about five of the benefits of custom design furniture. 

1. Furniture For Disabled Individuals 

A lot of the time, not much needs to be added to a piece of furniture to make it disability friendly. A wide table can accommodate a wheelchair. A desk can be adjustable to the point where a shorter person can use it. 

Yet, a lot of standard furniture companies still don’t offer products with these differences. A custom furniture company can.

2. Provable Eco-Friendliness 

Many furniture companies offer eco-friendly types of furniture. However, you can’t always be certain their furniture is what they claim. Some brands can be sneaky. 

A custom made furniture company can’t hide. You’ll follow them through the entire process and choose every material. That way, you’ll know what you’re getting. 

3. High-Quality 

Manufactured furniture is cheap. For many, that’s a good thing, but you get what you pay for. The lack of care that goes into this process means that your furniture won’t last long. 

This isn’t the case with custom types of furniture. A lot of individualized attention and stellar craftsmanship is put into these pieces. Thus, these pieces will last longer and look better. 

4. Match Your Home’s Decor 

Your home likely follows a certain decor. Oftentimes, furniture companies will offer sets that can match a certain decor.

However, this set may not have everything that you need. You may need and/or want one to two pieces that the set doesn’t include. A custom furniture company can make pieces that match the set exactly. 

5. One-Of-A-Kind 

Unlike the cookie-cutter pieces in a store, your custom furniture piece will be yours and only yours. By working with a custom furniture designer, you can get a piece that can represent your personal uniqueness. This can make a piece feel all that more worthy of being treasured by you. 

Get High-Quality Custom Design Furniture From Us 

Custom Design furniture can fulfill your every need. It will also last a long time, so your investment can go a very long way. 

Are you wondering how to get custom design furniture? If you’re near Fort Wayne, you can get it through us. 

Rainbow Furniture is a family-owned furniture store with over 85 years of history. As well as offering manufactured furniture, we also offer custom furniture with thousands of design options.

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