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With the COVID-19 pandemic picking up in the Fort Wayne area, families are encouraged to stay home and host small gatherings for the holidays. 

But, that doesn’t mean that your holiday celebrations have to suffer. Instead, it’s time to make your home cozy and comfortable so that your family can feel the holiday spirit. With a little decorating and planning, 2020 can be the holiday season your family remembers for years to come. 

Keep reading to discover how to get festive with your holiday decorating this season. 

Bring Outside Elements In

When it comes to holiday decorating ideas, a lot of inspiration can be gathered from outside elements. Odds are, you already have a Christmas tree included in your decor, but the outside inspiration doesn’t need to stop there. 

Consider making your own wreath out of evergreen branches taken straight from a tree in your back yard. Attach them together with yarn and hot glue on a few pinecones. Feel free to add in other decorative elements such as ribbon and ornaments, and then hang it on your front door. 

Or, grab a clear vase and pour some cranberries into the bottom for a pop of red. Then, arrange the evergreen branches into a Christmas bouquet. Place this onto the center of your dining room table and you’re ready for Christmas dinner. 

Don’t Skimp on the Lights

Nothing spreads the Christmas cheer like twinkling strands of light. 

Once your Christmas tree is lit, use any extra strands around your home as their own decorations. Wind a strand of lights through your staircase banister or drape a strand along your fireplace mantle. Get creative and don’t be afraid to combine the lights with strands of garland for the complete holiday feel. 

And if you’re looking for inspiration when it comes to your own outdoor holiday decor and lights, plan an evening to drive around the Fort Wayne area and admire your neighbor’s decorations

DIY to Create Decorations and Memories

If you’re looking to celebrate Christmas and holiday decor is in short supply in your home, it’s time to get creative. There are tons of DIY Christmas decorations out there just waiting to be created.

Consider making a cute Christmas gnome using a sock. Or, grab a few empty wine bottles and some paint to make a festive decoration to display on your shelves. Kids will have a blast coloring pasta noodles and arranging them into colorful Christmas trees

Get your family involved and make a day out of crafting for some festive fun. Each year when you bring out these fun decorations, you’ll fondly remember the quarantine Christmas of 2020. 

Celebrate the Happiest Season of All With Holiday Decorating

Now, it’s time to start the holiday decorating and embrace the Christmas cheer. 

Our advice is to crank up some of your favorite Christmas music, warm up some hot chocolate, and make a fun evening out of decorating. Start by seeing what outdoor elements you can decorate with, like pine cones or evergreen branches, then adding sparking lights to your home’s interior and exterior. Then, plan a separate holiday craft day to create DIY decorations to fill your home with the holiday spirit. 

Once your home looks ready for the holiday season, you can sit back and enjoy the best time of the year. Don’t forget to add some new living room furniture to your holiday wish list so that you can enjoy the season in comfort.