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A recent study found that 84% of parents agreed that eating family meals together was important. But unfortunately, that same study showed that only half of the family dinners were eaten together in American families.

One way to help increase the number of meals your family eats together is to make sure you have a table to facilitate it.

Choosing the right kitchen table can make all the difference. Continue reading to learn when round, square, and rectangular tables are best for your eat-in kitchen. 

Why Is Choosing The Best Shape For Your Space Important?

The dining table market is set to grow exponentially over the next few years. The high number of parents who agree they should be eating meals with their families could be among the numerous driving factors in this growth. 

Choosing the best shape for your kitchen is important because it makes the most out of your potential space without feeling crowded. It also helps the area look great, making it a welcoming place for every family member. 

When Is a Round Table Best?

A round table is likely the best choice for your space if:

  • You have a small family (of four people or fewer) and a small area to place the table
  • You’re looking to create a cozy, intimate setting
  • You don’t often have guests

If you like a round table but want to host guests occasionally, consider finding one with a leaf. A leaf is an extension piece that expands the table size to accommodate more seats. Most leaf options add two more seats at the table, but a few allow for four more. 

When Is a Square Table Best?

You may want to choose a square table if:

  • You have a square-shaped eat-in kitchen
  • Your family consists of less than six people 
  • Your family has two to four people, but you’d like to host guests regularly

Many people prefer the aesthetics of square tables over other options. They’re one of the most common options for eat-in kitchens, while rectangular tables are usually reserved for formal dining areas. 

When Is a Rectangular Table Best?

Consider choosing a rectangular table if:

  • You have a large family (of five or more members)
  • The space is large enough to accommodate a bigger table
  • You have a long, narrow area

Rectangular tables often come with a leaf, like you may want to find for circular tables. You may want to leave the extension out for regular family meals to create more free space in your eating area. You can easily add the leaf back in when you need to accommodate guests. 

Find Your Perfect Kitchen Table Today

Choosing the best kitchen table shape for your eat-in kitchen helps make the most of your space and looks great, too. If you’re ready to find your perfect kitchen table, check out our wide selection of high-quality options today.

Still have questions about how to choose the best kitchen table? Call us at (260) 432-3549 or use our online contact form, and someone will be in touch shortly.