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What to Look for when Buying New Furniture:

Buying new furniture can be an overwhelming process, as there is a lot to keep in mind.  You probably never even really think about furniture until you need it. How do you know  know what to look for?  What kind of options are available?  Hopefully, this article will help you sort some things out and help you keep in mind what you should be looking for the next time you go shopping for new furniture.

Wood Types

Dining room tables, bedroom furniture, TV Consoles, and even sofas are all made from wood.  The first thing to consider when purchasing furniture made from wood is wood type.  Essentially, there are three types of wood available – solid wood, veneers, and particle board.

Solid wood is typically more sturdy and elegant than other types; but because of that, the price usually runs a bit higher.  However, solid wood furniture also lasts longer, so you won’t have  to buy furniture again because it broke.

Veneers contain a low-quality wood, covered by many thin layers of high-quality wood.  Because of the cheaper center, veneers tend to be less expensive than solid wood.  Although wood veneer may look good, you’re losing quality and it may not hold up to daily use.

Thirdly, particle board is made up of a mixture of scrap wood, resins, and plastics.  Particle board can have the appearance of great quality, while the price is relatively low.  This option can look great, but because of the low quality wood, don’t expect it to be around forever.


When purchasing a new sofa, sectional or recliner, fabric is usually a deciding factor for most furniture buyers. When it comes down to buying a sofa or chair, the biggest element should be “how does it feel when you sit on it?” There are many fabric options available, including: leather, suede, tweed, linen, and vinyl.  This is typically a question of “what feels most comfortable to you?”

While comfort is important, it is also extremely important to keep your lifestyle in mind.  If you have pets or small children, chances are, at some point you will have to clean up a mess.  The fact is, some fabrics just clean better than others; for example, suede looks very elegant, but can be a major hassle to clean, compared to heavier duty fabric such as Sunbrella fabrics, which hold up better with heavier use.


Another element where lifestyle must come into play is color choice.  A white sofa might look great in your living room, but if you have pets, chances are, it won’t be long before the sofa becomes stained. Whereas, someone with no children or pets would probably be able to keep a white sofa in their living room, and never have any problems.

Another thing to consider is “how long will you have this piece of furniture in your house?”  For example, a purple recliner might perfectly match your living room; but, most likely, it is only a matter of time before you get sick of looking at purple everyday.  Plus, if you ever decide to repaint your living room, your purple chair probably won’t match anymore.

Because of these reasons, it might be best to stick with a darker, neutral color.

Rainbow Furniture in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Needless to say, there are many things to keep in mind when buying new furniture. Luckily, the friendly professionals at Rainbow Furniture in Fort Wayne, Indiana are great at helping people who may have some questions about choosing the right furniture. They have six showrooms filled with beautiful, high-quality furniture with thousands of fabrics and design options to choose from, so chances are, you will find the perfect piece of furniture you are looking for!  If you have any questions, give them a call today at (260) 432-3549.