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Some Tips to Help you Transform your Basement

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With the cold weather upon us, we’ll be spending more time indoors.  Now is the time to convert your unfinished or outdated basement space into an entertainment room.

Some popular choices for an entertainment area include: a large screen TV, comfortable home entertainment furniture, a gaming area, and maybe even a bar if space allows.

Before you Begin:

It’s fun to think creatively about how to make this space work for you, your family and friends, but before you get started, Tim Osborne at Rainbow Furniture in Fort Wayne shares a few necessary steps to take before you get started.

  • address any water issues — inspect for moisture damage; clear clogged downspouts and make sure the ground is sloped away from the foundation walls; if water issues have been recurrent, hire a professional to determine how to handle them
  • visualize what you want — then measure the space and plot it to graph paper to assess how realistic your plans are
  • make a step by step plan of what needs to be done and in what order
  • consider hiring a contractor if the work is beyond your skill level (e.g. electrical, plumbing, HVAC)
  • understand permit and code requirements for this type of renovation

Some extra considerations:

  • windows — think about whether or not you will need to cover them to prevent glare or block out light for optimum viewing
  • wall coverings or insulation — consider that you may want to add extra insulation or soundproofing foam so the whole house isn’t shaking to the sound effects of movie night
  • closets — good places to repurpose for wiring connections and storing technical devices
  • flooring — look for something that can stand up to a lot of snacks crumbs and beverage splashes

Rainbow Furniture has everything you need

The most important aspect of creating an entertainment space from your basement is that it is comfortable, functional and incorporates your personal style. Let Rainbow Furniture help you design your space and find the perfect sectional, recliner, entertainment center, or any other furniture you may need. We also offer free design service to help you tailor your entertainment room to your exact needs and budget.

Soon, your family and friends will be gathered around, cheering on your favorite teams or just sitting back, enjoying the show!