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While the answer to the question, “Does anyone still use dining rooms or not?” is somewhat undecided, you might be curious whether there’s a right way to shop for a dining room furniture set.

Purchasing dining room furniture you like is one way to shop for the right set, but there’s more involved than getting chairs in your favorite color. You should follow specific rules if you want the perfect dining room furniture.

Below is a carefully curated dining room guide. Keep reading to learn more and find the best dining room furniture set.

Measure Your Space and Plan

You wouldn’t be reading a suitable dining room guide if we didn’t offer you handy advice. The first part of ensuring you’ve got the right-sized dining room furniture set is measuring where it’s going in your home.

Your guests need room to push and pull their chairs from the table. It’s advisable to leave at least three feet of clearance from the walls so diners aren’t cramped while eating. 

It’s also a good idea to consider whether the room is irregularly shaped. The shape of a room helps determine the size and shape of your table. Once you’ve measured the space, consider its surroundings. 

Is there plenty of lighting in your dining room? Do you like the color of your walls and the surrounding decor, and will you use the dining room for other things? All these factors determine what kind of furniture you purchase.

Decide On Your Table and Chairs

You know your dining room’s size; now you must choose what table you want. Something we’d like to address in this dining table guideyou can pick whatever table you want, within reason. 

Oval, circular, square, rectangular, or triangular; regardless of what kind of dining room table you choose, it still has to fit in its designated space.

You’ll also need to account for how many people will use the table. The best dining room furniture set can seat all your guests comfortably. 

Round, square, and triangular dining tables are suitable for small areas. But if you have a larger room, don’t be afraid to invest in an oval or rectangular-shaped table. 

You can be a little more creative with your chairs. As long as the chairs fit in our dining room without feeling cramped, you can mix and match or purchase chairs that perfectly coordinate with your chosen table. 

Carefully Consider Table Finishes

Here’s the third (and probably least considered) tip for this dining room guide. You need to be conscious of what table finish you pick. Consider glass, chrome, or white gloss finishes if your dining room lacks natural light.

These three table finishes will enhance what little light your dining room has. You can create the illusion of openness. Opt for dark wood finishes if you want a more traditional or stately appearance.  

Need a New Dining Room Furniture Set? 

Choosing a dining room furniture set can be challenging, but hopefully, this dining room guide was helpful. You first must ensure you’re getting the right-sized dining room furniture set. 

It’s essential to measure your space correctly. Once you know how large your dining room is, you can choose your table and chairs. Remember, natural light will help determine what table finishes look best. 

Contact us if inspired by this dining table guide to purchasing new furniture.