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You’re not only looking for more seating. You’re looking for that one piece that pulls the whole room feeling and color scheme together.

If you have space to play with, then you should be looking at accent chairs. Don’t know how to shop for one? Learn how below.

Consider Your Budget

You could spend anywhere from $50 for a cheap accent chair, to $500 on something that will last a lifetime. Most of us end up spending something in the middle of that range, or even a little more than the max.

You need to know your budget because that will cut down on the manufacturers and styles you can look at. Chairs with better materials are going to be more expensive than something you can buy at Ikea or the local discount furniture store.

If you haven’t found what you want on the market, you can ask for a custom design, from quality retailers. Custom is going to cost more, but keep in mind that you’re getting exactly what you want.

And remember, you get what you pay for. If you opt for budget import furniture, you may end up rebuying a new accent chair in a few years when it breaks. Instead, plan on spending a little more to make sure you’re getting a quality piece of furniture.

Think About Size and Room

There’s a difference between the space you have for a new chair and how much that chair should take up. No matter the type of chair you like, you want to make sure there’s enough room around the chair for, you know, living.

If the chair is going in a corner, how far can it stick out? If it’s going in a walkway or high-traffic area, what size should it be to keep everything flowing?

You can try this out with the chairs you have in your house already, then take their measurements. Or you can map out where you want to put the chair, and measure the length and width of that spot.

Keep these measurements with you while you’re shopping.

Think About Style and Color

Many people are moving towards a more back-to-basics type of look for their home, at least when it comes to materials. They want things made out sustainable wood and with a farmhouse-chic feel.

Other people want something more traditional, or maybe a traditional shape with an exciting fabric. If you’re really looking for an accent chair, then pick a color in your design scheme that needs more representation in the room.

That’s the color of the chair you should look for. If you find a style you love but it doesn’t come in the color or pattern you want, you can have it customized by working with an employee.

The same goes with a fabric you love in a shape that you don’t like. You can always get what you want if you’re patient and you’re willing to pay a customized price.

Shopping for Accent Chairs

When you’re shopping for accent chairs you should bring a few things with you. The size of the chair you need, any examples of colors or patterns that you were thinking of, and some inspiration pictures. Most people find these on Pinterest or on an online shopping site.

If you want help finding accent chairs that fit your vision, feel free to ask for help and show someone what you’re thinking.

Our employees are there to help!