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What to Look for When Upgrading your old, painful furniture

Investing in quality furniture pays you back in many ways — for example, with beautiful craftsmanship that will last for years. But did you know that it can also improve your quality of life and your physical well-being? Quality crafted furniture is designed giving full consideration to the best comfort, support, and fit for the human body.

“If you suffer from back, neck or other recurring pain, subjecting your aching body to low-quality furniture will only exacerbate the pain” says local Fort Wayne Chiropractor, Dr. Richard Busch of Busch Chiropractic. “Poorly made furniture may be too stiff, too soft, or lacking support where your body needs it, leading to incorrect posture. Incorrect posture puts increased pressure on your spine and neck and will only aggravate your pain further. Make sure that your couch, chairs and bed provide proper support to keep your spine aligned for maximum comfort.”

When selecting furniture, most people consider their personal style, color schemes and price range. But it could also be beneficial to consider ergonomic furniture pieces that offer enough support to reduce and prevent further back or neck pain.

If your current furniture is causing you back pain, it might be time to upgrade. When shopping for newer and more back-friendly furniture, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Don’t underestimate the healing power of a good recliner! Many doctors recommend sitting in a reclined position to help alleviate back pain. A quality recliner provides even weight distribution to your whole body, which helps alleviate back pain. Look for a recliner that supports your lower back and cradles your shoulders and neck.
  • Invest in quality back-friendly living room furniture. Look for pieces that encourage good posture: back supported, head centered over your spinal column, feet flat on the floor, and thighs parallel to the ground.
  • Find quality bedroom furniture. Support provided by the bed and mattress as you sleep are essential to alleviating back and neck pain. Although a soft mattress may be comfortable, it can’t provide proper lumbar support necessary to give your back a rest. A good, firm mattress will give you the support you need.
  • Look for furniture accessories that help to provide support. When sitting, it is important to make sure that your weight is evenly distributed. To do this, place a footstool or ottoman in front of your sofa so you can kick your feet up!

Quality Crafted, American Made Furniture at Rainbow Furniture

At Rainbow Furniture in Fort Wayne we are committed carrying only the highest quality furniture. We are confident that each piece in the lines we carry are crafted to the highest standards of design, durability AND comfort. Our design specialists will gladly work with you to identify not only the pieces that fit your personal style, but also ones that will provide the most comfort and support for any ongoing pain conditions. Visit our showroom today so we can help you take relaxation to a whole new level!