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Interior design is incredibly important, especially right now when we’re all spending more time in our homes. Interior design can help make you more productive, happier, and overall more comfortable in your space. 

If you’re redecorating your home for the new year, read on to learn the best new interior design trends of 2021. 

1. Earthy Shades

You heard it here first, earthy shades are in. The colors of the year announced by certain designers include browns, greens, and shades of grey. You can do so much with these, and they can provide comfort and coziness to any room. 

One of the most significant aspects of this is bringing back the connection to nature. It’s comforting and welcoming and gives you a peaceful feeling for any room in the house. 

2. Rustic Vogue

This is a great trend for those who love the feeling of being in a cozy cottage while also having the modern comforts of a home. It works well if your home already has exposed wood paneling or beams, but anyone can jump on this trend.

Working together with old and new pieces, this trend can bring you to the woods and to the city in one fell swoop. This is especially great if you have a fireplace in your living room.

3. Houseplants Galore

Like the earth shades connecting us back to nature, houseplants are bringing nature right into our homes. Though these fell out of fashion previously, they are back in style with a vengeance. You can’t look at any social media without seeing thousands of houseplants. 

This also may be due to the pandemic, as houseplants can create a calming effect while freshening the air and releasing oxygen. They bring vibrancy and nature, which is something that can be added to any room.

Add more plants to your furniture too by choosing floral or leaf print fabrics.

4. Ocean Views

The ocean theme is a big trend for 2021. Aqua and dark blues are other big colors of the year, and they can bring a tranquil yet contemporary look to your home. 

Matching them with ocean-inspired furniture, such as white couches and light wood floors, can bring you to the calming shore every day.

5. Global Impacts

The global influence trend uses earthy colors, natural textures, and wooden or woven home accessories to create a feeling as if you’re on a safari. 

It takes influence from nature from around the world to bring that feeling inside your home. You can look for unique earthy patterns, plants, pictures, and lighting to complete the look. 

Interior Design Trends of 2021

These interior design trends of 2021 bring a calm, relaxing feel while also keeping your home exciting and new. With so much going on in the world, it’s nice to have a safe space to relax, and these new trends can help you do exactly that.

Keep an eye out for any new trends in the future, and contact us today to help you with your interior design dreams!