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Let’s be honest- most parents and grandparents probably shudder at the sight of an unsteady toddler teetering dangerously close to a new sofa with their cup of juice.

The same goes for entertaining guests with red wine and snacks. Your sofa is typically a place of congregation and comfort, so the type of upholstery could make or break for your furniture.

Here’s how to choose the best sofa material which will stand the test of time, and the kids or pets!

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Sofa Material

Choosing the right type of sofa material is actually quite a big deal. It’s an investment that’s much more than choosing a color or pattern that you like. It should keep it look for years without signs of wear or tear. And the last thing you need is to second-guess your upholstery choice before your sofa even reaches your front door.

These tips on how to choose sofa upholstery should help:

Consider Your Budget

Naturally, your budget is the place to start when choosing sofa upholstery. It will ultimately determine your fabric choice by narrowing down your options according to what you can afford.

High-end furniture stores will have a large selection of fabrics for you to choose from in different price points. But, don’t worry, buying a less expensive fabric doesn’t mean that you’re sacrificing style or that your fabric won’t last.

Consider Practicality

As you shop around for fabrics keep practicality in mind. Consider who will use your sofa(s) the most, which room it’s going in, the traffic in that particular room as well as the existing style and color scheme.

You should also consider how your chosen fabric will age over time. When choosing leather, don’t forget to check the label or inquire with staff about the material’s longevity and cleaning needs.

Fabrics For Busy Homes

If your home is a busy one and your sofa gets plenty of use and abuse, it’s wise to go with durable, tightly-woven fabrics.

For homes with children and pets, opt for performance fabrics that are durable, easy to clean, and stain-resistant.

If you like the look of leather but are worried about pet damage, check out the new Brisa Fabric. It gives you the high-quality look and feel of leather but doesn’t fade or scratch like leather. It’s durable and can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

5. Consider the Size and Shape of Furniture

Remember that not all upholstery types are suited to certain sizes and shapes of furniture. The same goes for the pattern, color, and grain of a fabric.

If you are upholstering a large, curvy piece of furniture, opt for solid-colored fabrics and avoid large, overbearing patterns.

A pattern that looks good on a swatch of fabric, may not look the same when chopped up and stitched together on a large sofa.

Also, classic neutral colors are always recommended so that they don’t tire over time and maintain their timeless appeal.

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