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Finally ready to take your living room set up to the next level? Purchasing a sofa can be an exciting way to give your living space a new look. It’s a big decision depending on how much you’re willing to spend and the space you have.

A sofa can make or break a room, and you want to be sure it’s the exact style you need and want and something that you’ll love for years to come. When figuring out how to choose a sofa, there are several key elements to think about that will help you make the perfect choice.

Size and Shape

Sofas come in all different shapes and sizes, so it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the options you have before you buy the first sofa you see. What size sofa can fit in your space, and how many people does it need to hold? Do you want a sofa you can fall asleep on or one that is chic and suits a modern space?

Do you need a large sofa that can seat many people or a smaller sofa for a more intimate space? You might want a sofa bed that can be used for guests if you have a lot of visitors, or if you need an extra option if you don’t have a second bedroom.

You also want to make sure that the sofa you choose isn’t too big to fit through the doors to your home and entrance to your living space.


When you’re planning on buying a sofa, you need to know where it will go and what those measurements are before you purchase. Think about the room it will go in, how you will move it in, and how it will then fill the space. 

It’s helpful to rearrange the space how you would imagine it with the couch of your dreams and check that everything fits and works how it should. 

Style and Use

Choosing a sofa doesn’t just depend on how big it is, but also the color, style, and what it will be used for. Think of your home and who will get the most use out of the living room sofa. Do you have pets, and if so, will they be getting on the sofa often?

Are there certain colors and types of fabric that will work better for your home than others? Think about what is already in the room and also how durable you need the material to be. This can help you buy a sofa for the long term, as it will last with what you do and how you live. 

How to Choose a Sofa

When tackling how to choose a sofa, the most important thing is to plan ahead. Get your measurements and know the dimensions you can work with. Lookup a few designs so you know what you might want, and consider how you will use the couch and in what room it will live.

A living room sofa can be an investment that lasts a long time if you buy the right one, so make sure you think ahead and get one that will last.

Looking for a new sofa in Fort Wayne? For years Fort Wayne furniture buyers have trusted Rainbow Furniture for high-quality, American-made furniture. Stop in today to view our furniture showroom and the different sizes and styles of sofas that we offer. We even offer a free design service to help you choose the best sofa for your space.