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Choosing Furniture for your Home Entertainment Room

Now that we’ve talked about how to turn your basement into a home entertainment room, let’s discuss what to put in it. No entertainment room is complete without a place to sit and relax. At Rainbow Furniture in Fort Wayne, we have some great furniture options that you can use to turn your basement into the entertainment room you’ve always wanted!

When it comes to choosing furniture for your entertainment room, you must first decide what purpose your entertainment room is going to serve. Will it be for hosting friends and family over for a night of board games? Will you be having the guys over to watch the big game? Will your family be watching a movie together? After you answer these two questions, you’re ready to begin shopping for furniture that matches your purpose.

Entertainment Center

metroA giant TV is the centerpiece for any successful entertainment room. Along with a place to display your television, you will also need an entertainment center with room enough to store all of your gadgets, consoles, and even movies. Not only will you want to find furniture that meets your needs, but also you will need furniture that complements the room, and meshes well with the atmosphere you are trying to create. The Metropolitan Collection from A.A. Laun is large enough to meet your needs, while also providing an elegant design. This solid wood, American Made Entertainment center will be the perfect staple for any home entertainment room. It also comes in a great variety of color and stain options.

Comfortable Seating


Next, no entertainment room is complete without a wide range of seating options for guests. Since your entertainment room might be used for viewing movies, or the big game, it is important to have comfortable seating. A popular option is movie-theater style seating. The Double Take Sectional from Comfort Design offers an elegant look, while also highlight extreme comfort! Perfect for watching movies and games, the Double Take will be sure to transform your basement into a night at the movies!

austinIf you prefer to create a more intimate atmosphere in your home entertainment room, perhaps a sectional would better fit your taste and style. New from Norwalk is the Austin Sectional: a sectional large enough to fit your guests, and even more inviting. This sectional is guaranteed to turn your movie night into a night of extreme comfort, relaxation, and fun.


Another great option for an entertainment room is turning your basement into a man cave! Complete with sports memorabilia lining the walls, a pool table, and maybe even a jukebox! Whatever you choose to fill your man-sanctuary with, there’s no way you can be without a comfortable recliner. The Sean Recliner from Temple is the perfect choice for your man cave. This leather recliner highlights ultimate comfort and elegance.


Furniture Your Way

If you would like to turn your basement into a relaxing oasis for all of your friends and family, Rainbow Furniture in Fort Wayne can help. Whether you’re looking for a sectional, recliner, or state of the art entertainment center, chances are, we have just what you need to transform your basement into the place to be! Plus, most of our furniture can be custom designed to match your space. You can choose the size, style, hardware, fabric, wood finish, and more! Don’t just settle for what you find in a furniture store, create the furniture you want for your room. And, we also offer free design service to help you get the most out of your space! Stop by the Rainbow Furniture store today in the long white building on Covington Road to find the perfect furniture for your home entertainment room.