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Making sure you have a good mattress is key to waking up well-rested in the morning. Choosing the right mattress is a huge decision, especially if you’re not sure about the pros and cons. 

Do you know what type of mattress will help you get a good night’s sleep? We’ll outline the differences between a hard vs soft mattress. We’ll help you understand which mattress is right for you. 

Advantages of a Hard Mattress

A lot of people who have difficulties sleeping at night suffer from back pain. If you’re one of these people, a hard mattress might help.

If you suffer from lower back pain, try a firm mattress. While sleeping on a hard mattress, your bones absorb the pressure and put less stress on your muscles. When there’s less strain on your muscles, your circulation improves, too.

A hard mattress adds extra support to your back, keeping your spine aligned and straight. Sleeping on a hard mattress can help distribute your weight, too which means that you’re less likely to suffer from back pain because your body weight is distributed evenly.

If you sleep on your back, you’re more likely to notice the benefits of sleeping on a hard mattress. But people who sleep on their stomachs might notice an improvement as well.

Disadvantages of a Hard Mattress

If you’re changing from a soft mattress to a hard mattress, you may feel uncomfortable for a few days. It’ll take time for your body to adjust to the new, hard mattress.

Some studies show that sleeping on a hard mattress makes lower back pain worse. Sleeping on the wrong type of mattress might worsen existing back pain, and it can cause it, too. 

Advantages of a Soft Mattress

If you have a standard mattress and suffer from back pain, try sleeping on a softer mattress. This helps if you have pre-existing back problems as well.

If you’re on the lighter side, try sleeping on a softer mattress. A hard mattress doesn’t compress well for lighter people because they don’t weigh as much.

Sleeping on a soft mattress is better for people who sleep on their side or in the fetal position. Soft mattresses cushion the shoulder and the hip, so it’s not as uncomfortable as a hard mattress.

Disadvantages of a Soft Mattress

The differences between a hard vs a soft mattress are few and far between. For example, both can cause you to suffer from back pain.

If your mattress sags because it’s too soft, this might give you back pain soon. Sleeping on a soft mattress might push your spine out of alignment. This makes it painful when you sleep on your back.

It isn’t easy to pick a mattress for a shared bed. You might disagree on the mattress firmness. Also, people tend to complain about sleeping on a soft mattress because of back problems.

Hard vs Soft Mattress

Weighing the differences between a hard vs soft mattress might cause difficulties. The main thing is back support. If your spine isn’t supported, you might face suffering from back pain.

Choosing a mattress that suits your sleep needs depends on personal preference. Haivng a hard time choosing a mattress? Stop in and try out the mattresses we have for sale.

Don’t forget to visit our contact page to speak with a staff member about which mattress is right for you.