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Did you know that most American households are spending over $2,300 each year on furniture? If you’re looking to update the furniture in your home, you want to make a savvy investment so you can avoid replacing it quickly. That’s why you’ll save money and get a better product if you buy American furniture. The benefits don’t end there, either. Read on to learn about 5 reasons you should buy American made furniture! 

1. You’ll Be Buying Safer Furniture

You want your home furniture to be safe for everyone to use, right? If you buy low-end furniture manufactured in a place without strict quality standards, you won’t know what to expect. 

On top of higher safety standards, you’ll be buying furniture with better warranties. In the unlikely event that something breaks, you’ll have access to generous warranties covering labor or parts.

2. You’ll Get Better-Quality Furniture

If you’re looking for durable and well-made furniture, stick with American made furniture. You’ll get sofa frames made of hardwoods — not wood composite — from established furniture makers. And you can trust that your dining room chairs will last long enough for your children to inherit them.

American made outdoor furniture is built to withstand the elements, too. Solid wrought iron tables and chairs will stand up to brutal summer winds.

And because your furniture won’t be traveling from overseas, it will arrive safely. It won’t be subject to bumps and mishandling along the way.  

3. American Furniture Uses Sustainable Practices

Have you ever wondered what kinds of materials go into cheap furniture? If you’re buying a coffee table that was made overseas, have you thought about the environmental impact of shipping it? Fortunately, if you purchase American furniture, you can trust it reflects better sustainability practices

American furniture makers use wood that has been sustainably sourced from forests. Plus, many U.S. companies have programs in place to replant trees and dispose of waste without harming nearby water or farmland. 

4. You Can Customize Options

When you’re looking at different styles of furniture, you might not find what you want. And if you’re limited to working with a large furniture manufacturer, you might not have the ability to make adjustments other than the type of upholstery.

Going with a local company means you’ll have access to custom furniture options. Smaller operations offer better communication to work with you. In other words, you’ll be able to get beautiful furniture that reflects the details you want. 

5. You’ll Support the U.S. Economy

Many large furniture makers outsource their work to other countries. This deprives American workers of jobs in furniture production. Further, it has the ripple effect of turning once-booming cities into towns without a strong economy. 

But when you get American made furniture, you’re also supporting an American workforce. Better yet, you’re helping stabilize local economies and create jobs.

Buy American Made Furniture 

Purchasing American made furniture is an investment in your home and country. You’ll get furniture that reflects better workmanship and safety standards. You’ll also feel good knowing you’re supporting sustainable practices and helping local economies. 

When you’re ready to refresh your living space, contact us and we can help!