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Some pieces of furniture last up to 20 years, so they should be stylish and practical enough to last the test of time. However, finding the right furniture to match your personality and the decor of your home can be challenging. 

You can solve this problem by designing your own furniture at Rainbow Furniture. 

Get started by reading about the 5 must-have custom living room furniture pieces to add to your list. 

1. Coffee Tables 

A custom living room design begins with a coffee table. It is the centerpiece of the room to which all other furniture encircles. Once you choose what kind of coffee table you want then you can determine your style and color pallet. 

You also want to consider how you, your family, and your guests will use your living room. Do you have small children that will be climbing on the table or playing games on it? Then you might think about an easy-to-clean but also durable coffee table rather than a fragile glass tabletop. 

2. Sofas and Sectionals

Americans spend an average of 2 hours a day on their couch, making it one of the most important and most used pieces of furniture other than your bed. Therefore, the best custom living room furniture includes a comfortable sofa or sectional.

You also want your couch to be elegant not just a cushiony mess. Be sure to balance comfort and style when designing your perfect sitting area. 

3. End Tables

Great custom living room furniture ideas should also include end tables. They are the first thing guests reach for to place a drink and one of the best spots to showcase your photo frames. 

Make these necessary tables unique by adding storage under them. Or add a built-in lamp to save more floor space while creating a soft lighting option. 

4. Entertainment Centers

Not every custom living room design will include an entertainment center but if you do want one then it should match the rest of your pieces. This is only accomplished by getting your entertainment center custom-made. You can choose the size, color, and the number of compartments to make it fit your room’s purpose without overpowering it. 

5. Recliners 

One of the best custom living room furniture tips is to include furniture that pleases your family. You can surprise your spouse or parent with their own recliner that isn’t an eye sore. 

Do this by picking out the fabric to make this piece blend into the rest of your design seamlessly. Your living room furniture won’t be disturbed by any large, bulky recliners when they are custom-made.

Start Designing Your Custom Living Room Furniture

Designing custom living room furniture is easier than it sounds. In fact, it is a pleasurable process when you have expert help at your fingertips. 

We have the brands that you love with custom options to make them your own. Plus, you can use our personal designers to show you samples based on your personal preference. 

Get started by contacting us today to discuss your furniture needs.