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You may be gearing up for the cold months to come, but is your home ready for winter? Winterizing your house can help you save tons of energy while staying warm and cozy indoors. 

For tips and tricks on how to winterize your home, keep reading. In this guide, we’ll go over some things you can do to keep your home protected from the elements you will want to look out for this winter. 

1. Update Your Windows 

Windows are one of the most critical drivers of a home’s energy efficiency. This is because heat can escape and cool air can flow in if your windows are not updated. Dual-pane windows tend to be the most energy-efficient option. 

These windows are designed to keep cool air indoors during the warmer months and trapping heat in the winter. Most of these windows are made from synthetic materials such as vinyl, panes of glass, and Argon gas to boost their efficiency. If you can’t upgrade your windows, there are other ways to get your existing windows ready for winter that are fairly cost-effective. 

You can add insulated window coverings such as curtains or drapes to trap heat in the winter, and the thicker the material, the more insulation the covering will provide. Some types of shutters are also made to assist with insulation. 

2. Find and Fix Any Leaks 

Leaks are a source that cold air can enter through, so it’s best to look around your house to identify any leaks and plug them before winter arrives. Some key places to look for leaks are doorways, windows, and baseboards. You want to look for places that small cracks or gaps can form in the foundation of your home

If you see cracks where sunlight peeks through around your windows or doorframes, this is an area you will want to seal so that cold air can’t pass through. You should also look in areas where vents are installed, such as your clothes dryer and chimneys. 

3. Invest in a Smart Thermostat 

If you have a hard time remembering to turn your heater on or off, a smart thermostat can help you keep your home warm when you’re there, while turning the heat down while you’re gone.

Most of these tools are wifi enabled systems that learn your temperature preferences and habits.  They will automatically adjust the temperature to create a comfortable setting while you’re home and conserving energy while your sleeping or away from home. Some systems will also allow you to control your home’s temperature setting from your smartphone, which can be incredibly convenient if you are on a vacation and need to alter your home’s temperature. 

Be Prepared: Winterize Your Home 

Keep these tips on how to winterize your home in mind to prepare your house for the colder months to come. Keep your home cozy and comfortable with these energy-efficient options that will help you keep your utility bill down this winter. 

Are you looking for furniture that can create a cozy atmosphere in your home this winter? If so, contact us today.