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Solid Wood Furniture vs Particle Board

solid wood furniture fort wayneSolid wood furniture — dining room tables, bookcases, dressers, and the like — can be an impressive, yet functional, part of any room’s decor. These types of furnishings are generally made from either solid wood or particle board that has been covered with a laminate to give the appearance of real wood. Particle board is a product made when small wood particles, sawdust, and splinters are mixed with a resin and compressed into sheets. Both solid wood and particle board are commonly used in furniture manufacturing, but there is a big difference between the two.

Solid Wood = Higher Quality Furniture

Not only is real wood beautiful, it is strong enough to withstand the tests of time. The laminate on particle board will eventually chip and break off through daily use. Once this occurs, the particle board beneath is likely to chip off or crumble away. Cracks or chips in the laminate also allow moisture to enter. Even with a small exposure to moisture, particle board can swell and lose its grip on screws and nails. The ends of the particle board sheets, generally not covered by laminate in pieces like bookcases or media centers, are particularly susceptible to absorbing moisture. Once moisture penetrates, the shelves will warp and weaken. Wood can be damaged by long-term exposure to water, but it can recover from exposure to humidity and small amounts of water.

Real wood pieces can stand up to modifications such as repositioning hardware, refinishing, sanding, or sawing. Particle board may fall apart if it is drilled or sawed; and the laminate can not be sanded or refinished.

The differences are also evident in construction details. Sturdy construction like dovetailed joints can be seen in quality wood furniture. Particle board furniture is generally assembled with glue, staples or screws. Drawer bottoms and backs of bookcases are usually made of flimsy materials in particle board furniture.

Where to Buy Solid Wood Furniture in Fort Wayne

Rainbow Furniture carries only those furniture lines that we know give our customers the best quality product for their money. Furniture that is not only beautiful, but is built to last. Visit our  furniture showroom and we will gladly show you the features that make each piece of furniture that we carry an example of true craftsmanship.