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Yutzy has confirmed their new home office line is on the truck and ready to be delivered to Rainbow Furniture in Fort Wayne, In, hopefully by June 15.  We’ll announce the arrival here and show you the photos. If you’ve been in Rainbow Furniture and seen their Yutzy bedroom furniture, you’d know why we’re so excited by this event.   Learn more about Yutzy here.This is incredible furniture, and while it is more costly than imports, it is really nicely priced for this top level of quality.  Keep checking our blog and we’ll let you know when it’s in.

Here’s what Yutzy says about it:  Launching in mid-2012, Urban Select will cover the ever-changing needs of custom home office and media furniture. The collections are made distinctly for your dwelling and needs, and they’re versatile enough to adjust with the constantly evolving media and electronics products.

The industry has made high quality, flat screen televisions and surround-sound audio available to just about every home in America. The home computer is portable, and the home office does not need to be a huge, modular room for files. All that’s needed now is a compact area built to your needs. This is what we can do for you. We will build your custom home office the way you like it, without the expense of a carpenter starting from scratch and leaving you with an enormous bill.

We expect more than a few execs will be buying this product for their at work office as well as their home office.