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There are patriotic and economically important reasons for buying American-made furniture: giving Americans jobs and using your dollars to make the US economy strong. As Earth Day on April 22nd nears, it’s a good reminder that buying American is also good for the Earth.

  • Fuel costs, gasoline usage, and pollutant emissions are significantly lower when goods come from the US, rather than from half-way around the world.
  • Less packaging is required than for items being shipped from overseas, meaning less ends up in landfills.
  • Workers are healthier and safer — American manufacturing regulations and worker safety guidelines are significantly stricter than in places like China or Bangladesh.
  • Your home and family are not exposed to toxins — lead and many more toxic substances have been found in products coming from overseas; American-made products are subject to much stricter testing before they leave the factory.
  • The planet is better protected: US regulations protecting the land, water, and air are stricter and more rigidly enforced compared to many overseas manufacturing countries.
  • You save money and help the Earth by buying better-made products, rather than cheaply made ones that quickly end up in landfills and need to be replaced.

At Rainbow Furniture in Fort Wayne, we are proud to carry product lines that are made in America. Visit our showroom this Earth Day and learn more about our beautiful, high-quality, Earth-friendly furniture. Keep jobs in the US and help the Earth stay healthy for future generations. Happy Earth Day.