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A pet-friendly home does not have to equate to old, bulky, and ugly furniture that you don’t care about! Our pets make us happy, and there is nothing we wouldn’t do for them. But we don’t want to have to sacrifice style in our homes to provide that. The good news is that there are pet friendly furniture fabrics that aren’t your parents’ basement furniture that you can use in your home.

1. Denim

Ah, good old fashioned denim. It has a tightly woven pattern so it is great for those worried about catching cat claws or disguising pet hair.

Denim doesn’t have to be jean blue, it can be whatever color you like. We advise considering your pets’ hair color. If you have a white cat, you may not want to get black denim.

2. Microfiber

There is really no such thing as a cat-proof couch, but microfiber is close. Microfiber is another tightly woven fabric that is good at resisting clawing kittens.

If you have pets, you are not a stranger to a mess! Microfiber is a synthetic material that is easy to clean and maintain.

Darker microfiber colors will better hide pet hair.

3. Synthetic = Pet-Friendly Furniture

Synthetic materials are almost always preferred for pet occupied homes.

They’re preferred because synthetic fabrics can take a lot of use before showing signs of wear. We all know that fabrics that hold up are necessary if you’re a pet person!

4. Canvas

Canvas is another tightly woven synthetic fabric that is great at hiding dirt. Like microfiber and denim, it is less likely to tear from cat and dog claws and is extremely durable!

5. Leather

Leather is a great option for owners with allergies. It is easy to clean and vacuum the hair and dirt right off the furniture.

One thing to consider with leather, or its synthetic sister pleather, is your pet’s nails. You should keep your cats and dogs nails short so it doesn’t poke through the fabric.

Not only is leather pet-friendly, but it is so fashionable and can fit into any style home.

6. Woven Fabrics

Woven fabrics hide pet hair, tears, dirt, and pretty much everything having to do with a pet better than alternative fabrics.

To better imagine woven fabrics, imagine a velvet couch and your cat scratching it. It would tear right open! A woven fabric wouldn’t do this.

7. Outdoor Fabrics

Bring the outdoors inside! Some outdoor furniture pieces are super fashionable and don’t have to be used exclusively outside.

Outdoor furniture is designed for rougher use, so it will stand up to your cat’s claws and your dog’s bite much longer than many of its interior alternatives.

Pet-Friendly Furniture in Fort Wayne

Looking for pet-friendly furniture in Fort Wayne? At Rainbow Furniture, we carry a large selection of pet-friendly fabric that can be used on almost any furniture in our showroom. Visit us today to and let us help you design a piece of furniture that you’ll love that will stand up to your pets. With us, its furniture your way!