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The living room is a central hot spot of the home, a place where your family makes memories and the echoes of laughter linger for days. Don’t let your living room furniture kill those good home vibes.

True, it can hard to say goodbye to some of your favorite pieces. Nothing lasts forever, even when it comes to your living room furniture. Look for these telltale signs that it’s time for an update:

Most of Your Living Room Furniture Is Damaged

A little spot of wine or your kid’s dinner on the bottom edge of your sofa doesn’t warrant a completely new living room suite. However, if you notice that most pieces of furniture have some kind of damage, such as stains, tears, or cracking, you’re overdue for a living room makeover.

This damage goes beyond cosmetic appeal. Tears and cracks in the upholstery weaken it, allowing it to become more susceptible to damage. Spills that are not properly cleaned out of the fabric can harbor mold, bacteria, and germs.

You could try to repair these issues, but given the amount of time and materials it would take to doctor your furniture, you’re probably better off donating it and buying something new.

You’re Embarrassed for Others to See Your Living Room Furniture

If your family and friends have nice or new living room furniture, you might cringe at the thought of them seeing yours. If your furnishings make you feel this way, it’s probably time for a change.

However, if you’ve stopped yourself from making the move because nothing is technically “wrong” with your furniture, think again. Your home should make you happy, and clearly, your furniture isn’t doing its job. The positivity new furniture brings is more than worth it to chuck your old-yet-functional pieces.

Your Furniture Hurts Your Body

You might not immediately realize the physical pain your old armchair or sofa cause you because you’re used to it. But if you or your guests feel sore after sitting in a particular spot or you notice guests are picky about where they sit in your living room, your furniture might be to blame.

You Move Into a New Space

Depending on size, color, lighting, and other factors, your former sofa and coffee table might not be practical or aesthetically pleasing in your new space.

That’s not to say you need new furniture each time you move – that could get expensive! However, it does mean you might have to part with a few things or be open to decorating changes whenever you move.

Your Tastes Change

Everybody’s taste changes. For instance, that futon you loved so much in college would never make its way into your family living room a decade later! Even if your current furniture isn’t that old, changing decor can bring new life into your space.

If you aren’t sure where to start, take advantage of our free interior design service to help you find your signature look.

In Closing

Furniture has its obvious functions, but it’s also your chance to add character to your home. That doesn’t mean you have to toss out everything and start from scratch, either. Even adding an accent chair or other statement piece can go a long way in bringing a newfound sophistication to your space.

It’s best to plan your look, then prioritize your purchases – you’ll wish you’d done it sooner!