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Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and the way you design it has a huge effect on how easy you find it to relax at the end of the day. A well-designed bedroom is a place to refresh and recharge your mind and body, and the right furniture makes all the difference.

If you’re considering investing in some custom bedroom furniture but don’t know where to start, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to get inspired by the latest bedroom furniture trends.

1. Four-Poster Beds

Four-post beds aren’t just for old-fashioned mansions – they’re also a great choice for any modern bedroom. If you’ve got a large room and want to turn the bed into a striking centerpiece, choosing a four-post is a great choice.

Opt for a simple frame if you want the room to look modern and classy, or choose a style with drapes and curtains for a really luxurious, cozy feel.

2. Metal Structures

Geometric shapes and patterns are seriously in right now, and so are industrial materials like metal. Instead of a classic lampshade, why not choose one made of shaped metal? Or opt for an end table that’s more like a piece of modern art than a place to put your coffee?

Metal structures are a great way to add a modern touch to a room that’s lacking character.

3. Unique Bedside Tables

Say goodbye to plain old end tables, and hello to unique tables that make their own statement. You could repurpose an old chair into a table, have a custom table made and engraved according to your design, or choose a table made of a natural material, like wicker.

End tables have so much potential that there’s no reason to settle for something dull.

4. Classy Dark Woods

Darker woods are the best way to quickly add a touch of class to any bedroom, and they’re really popular right now. Whether you choose chestnut, mahogany or a dark cherry, you can be sure that guests will be impressed by the gleaming finish of your bedroom furnishings.

For a cohesive look, make sure that your bed, dresser, wardrobe and end table all match. If you want something a little more bohemian, don’t be afraid to mix and match different woods. Dark wood works in almost every bedroom, so be sure to consider it.

5. Fitted Storage Systems

Is anything worse than a bedroom that looks messy and cluttered? We don’t think so. Luckily, a key trend in custom bedroom furniture is here to help. Fitted storage systems make the most of your existing space and maximize your storage options.

That means clothes, shoes, bedding, and other items will be completely out of sight, and you won’t have any large dressers or drawers getting in the way.

How to Choose the Best Custom Bedroom Furniture

Investing in custom bedroom furniture is the best way to create the bedroom of your dreams. Make the right choice by assessing your needs, creating mood boards, and shopping around for inspiration.

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