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There’s no need to settle for the item that’s almost perfect for your space.

Whether you own or rent your home, making it yours is so important. 36.6% of Americans are renting, and settling for furniture that is cheapest. And homeowners struggle to find pieces that feel completely unique to them.

Custom furniture design will not only allow you to make your perfect piece for your home. It will also help you create a piece that’s completely unique to you. We’ve got 3 custom furniture design tips to consider so you end up with the best piece for your home.

1. Measure Your Space and Entryways

There’s nothing worse than realizing your new furniture won’t actually even make it in the door. Measuring out the dimensions of the room your piece will be in is pretty obvious. But remembering to measure your entryways don’t always come to mind.

Once you’ve decided what dimensions would work for the room you’re designing for, take a few moments to measure the dimensions of any entryways your piece will have to fit through. This will help you find the perfect size for your home. And avoid a huge letdown once your piece arrives.

2. Design To Fit What You Already Have

You may be dreaming of a Moroccan inspired look. But make sure it still goes with what you already own. If most of your pieces have a pretty modern feel to them, make sure you incorporate that in your custom furniture design. This can even be found in the smallest details.

For example, the material the legs are made out of or even the accents of nailheads. You can take a traditionally shaped piece and bring it into a modern feel by considering these small but impactful accents.

3. Upholster for Look and Durability

Upholstery takes a piece from neutral to the accent of the room. But don’t forget about how your custom furniture will be used. The great thing about customizable furniture is you can find upholstery that works with your style and your life. So if you have pets that will most likely sneak onto this new couch or chair, consider a fabric that you can clean easily.

For tables, consider what look you want and then find materials that wear well. For example, certain woods are more delicate and tougher to clean than a marble top.

If you know this piece will be lightly used, you can go with materials that may be more delicate. But be sure that it’s something you know you’ll love for years to come.

Custom Furniture Design That Makes Your Space

These 3 custom furniture design tips are sure to help you make a piece that you’ll love. No matter what kind of space you’re designing for, making something that meets all of your needs is so important for making your house a home.

If you’re ready to get designing, contact us. With our many options for customizing and designing pieces, we will be able to help you end up with a piece that’s perfect for and unique to you.