Comfort Design

Motion Furniture – Recliners, Glider Rockers, Sofa Recliners, Reclining Chairs, Stationary Chairs, Home Theater Seating

Rainbow Furniture Fort Wayne carries a variety of hand-tailored recliners, glider rockers, sofa recliners, reclining chairs, stationary chairs, and home theater seating by Comfort Design.

Comfort Design, like virtually all the things we offer at Rainbow Furniture, is American Made in Asheboro, North Carolina.

In addition to hundreds of great contemporary styles, this is well-made furniture. Recliners take more physical abuse than motionless furniture, so they have to be made better in order to hold up to day to day use. Import recliners may look nice for a little while, but will soon show wear, or break altogether, and you probably won’t be able to get parts. Comfort Design furniture will last far longer at a price only a little more than imports.

For the best in reclining furniture and home theater furniture, take a look at Custom Design available in Fort Wayne at Rainbow Furniture.