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sunroom furniture in fort wayne

At Rainbow Furniture we are proud to carry the Braxton Culler  line of wicker, rattan and other distinctive furniture pieces for your home. Need furniture for a lake home or sunroom? Braxton Culler manufacturers high quality, customizable casual furnishings for outdoor patios, sunrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. These pieces — ranging from a variety of upholstered pieces including sofas and loveseats to tables, chairs, and accent pieces — are the perfect complement to a relaxed and casual lifestyle. Your home, sunroom, or lake home will become an even more beautiful reflection of your style with the addition of Braxton Culler furnishings.

All of Braxton Culler’s pieces are made in the United States, manufactured at their headquarters in High Point, North Caroline. For over 35 years the company has been renowned for their distinctive wicker and rattan furniture.

What is wicker?

Wicker refers to the process of weaving materials to make furniture (or other items such as baskets). A variety of materials can be used in the process, such as bamboo, reed, willow, and other natural elements like rattan.

What is rattan?

Rattan is a vine that grows in Asian tropical rain forests. Rattan vines can grow hundreds of feet long. It is an extremely strong, yet flexible material. Rattan is used extensively in furniture construction because it rarely breaks or splinters. Rattan is also strikingly attractive.

In addition, rattan is a 100% natural organic material. And a renewable resource — the vines are cut from the plant, but the roots remain so that new vines may grow and continue to be used in the making of fine furniture.

Braxton Culler Furniture in Fort Wayne

We chose to carry the Braxton Culler line because “made in America” is an important value to us at Rainbow Furniture. But, we also are pleased to offer it to our customers because of its high quality construction, beautiful furniture lines, and the wide variety of customizable options. With over 1000 fabric choices and 15 wood finishes, we know that our clients can find the perfect look to accent their home and lifestyle. Visit our Fort Wayne furniture store located on Covington Road to see for yourself!