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Designers will tell buyers to expect furniture to last at least 10 to 15 years. Well-made wood furniture can be passed down for generations. With the right kind of furniture care, a solid piece of hardwood furniture could last 100 years.

Like any new purchase, when you get that piece of furniture you’ve been eyeing into your home, you want to be sure that nothing happens to it. You may overdo it with coasters, doilies, and ensuring nothing touches it for weeks.

You should also be able to enjoy your furniture and let it be a part of your everyday life. That emotional connection is how it will develop importance over time. All that you have to do to keep it looking new is follow these 7 furniture care tips.

1. Just Soap And Water

There’s no need to buy special or expensive cleansers to keep your wood furniture looking new. A soft rag with warm water and natural dish soap should be enough.

If there are crevices and details you want to get into, buy a toothbrush for that.

So long as you don’t soak the wood, you’ll be okay. After wiping with water, take a second rag to dry the surface off.

2. Soft Paste Wax

Following your cleaning, try adding a thin layer of soft paste wax. Use as directed, wait a few minutes for it to soak into the surface, buff it lightly and then after about an hour, buff a little more aggressively.

This can be done once every 3-9 months depending on how much wear your surfaces see.

3. Avoid The Sun

Like any great investment, you want to protect the quality of your furniture from weather and damage from nature. Keeping your wood furniture by a window could lead to damage or uneven coloring. The sun coming through your window can hit temperatures well above 125 degrees.

This heat will melt finishes and create cracks that can’t easily be repaired.

4. Keep Away From Vents

Similar to being near the sun, the heat from your vents can damage your wood furniture. Heat causes wood to shrink, which will crack surfaces and finishes.

If you have lots of great pieces, place a humidifier in a central location during those dry months.

5. Shoe Polish Works

If you’ve got some scratches that are bothering you, try finding a matching shoe polish where your furniture is chipped.

For an even better coverup, especially near the feet or base, try a matching felt marker first. Then add the polish.

6. Take Off Hardware

If you want to make your metal hardware shine again, don’t polish it while it’s attached to your furniture.

See if you can carefully remove it before buffing. Be careful so as not to let screwdrivers or tools scratch the wood surface. Continue to be careful when you replace the hardware.

7. Don’t Believe The Hype

Lots of products claim to “nourish” or “enrich” your wood. But once a piece of wood is sealed, that’s it. Polishes and oils can’t get through.

Furniture Care Can Prolong Quality For Decades

The beauty of the finish and coloring that attracted you to a piece of furniture in the first place can continue for years with the right care. Taking small steps to care for your furniture will ensure that neither your love nor the wood’s finish ever fades.

For any other questions on how to care for your furniture, contact us for more tips and ideas.