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When customers tell us they are shopping for a new sofa, the word “overwhelmed” almost always enters the conversation. We understand! There are so many factors to consider — size, style, shape, color, fabric, price, comfort. With so many options, most people don’t even know where to begin!

Always is to start with what matters most: QUALITY.” states Tim Osborne, owner of the Rainbow Furniture store in Fort Wayne, IN. “A sofa is an investment. You don’t want to throw your money away on something that won’t last, look good, or stay comfortable.”

That’s how Rainbow Furniture makes your decision-making process so much easier. “We’ve done the research for you. We only carry high-quality furniture from companies we believe in — ones that have proven time and again that they offer great value, comfort and quality construction.”

Once you know you are choosing from the best quality options, then you just have these simple questions to answer:

1) How big is the room where it will go?

The shape and size will be determined by how much space you have — have the dimensions with you as you shop. If the location of the sofa is up or down stairs, remember to measure staircase widths and any doorway openings.

2) How will the sofa be used?

  • everyday for lounging, watching TV, and hanging out with friends?
  • less frequently for more formal entertaining?
  • by kids? pets? teenagers? elderly or people with bad backs or other physical ailments?

Understanding it’s range of uses will make make the remaining decisions even easier.

3) Which style?

What works with your decor? From contemporary to casual to traditional — describe your style and we will help you identify the best options. Then further narrow the style choices by the use:

  • relaxing and hanging out might mean you want something deep and cushy with loose pillows
  • casual entertaining might suggest a sectional style that can be reconfigured as needed
  • a more formal use might lead you to more shallow seating and a firm back

4) Which upholstery?

Knowing your style and the purpose of the sofa, selecting the right fabric is fairly straightforward:

choose a fabric or leather that will wear well based on the type of use it will get (our design professionals can point you in the right direction)

select a color that will work with your decor palette — consider if you want the sofa to be a bold statement piece or to complement existing furniture

weigh committing to a pattern vs. going with a solid color that you can change up with different accent pillow colors and patterns

5) Size

How many people living in your home may help determine the size of sofa you may need. There are many sofa sizes available including sectional sofas and loveseats.

Remember: determining the QUALITY will be your first step. Look for things like:

  • a sturdy frame (generally kiln-dried hardwood)
  • sturdy joinery (not staples)
  • supportive springs inside the sofa body
  • cushions that will retain their shape
  • fabric that will withstand heavy use and spills; or top grain leather that will age well
  • well-tailored fabric (straight seams; patterns that line up at all seams)

A sofa is an investment and one that Rainbow Furniture has helped Fort Wayne area residents with for over 80 years. Visit their furniture showroom at 3206 Covington Road to find the perfect sofa that you will be proud of for years to come!