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If you think about it, shopping for the right end table seems like an easy task until you walk into the furniture store. There you will find end tables of different designs, color, styles, and shapes. Each piece is pleasing making it hard for you to make a decision.

An end table has several functions in your home. Not only does it add a feeling of completeness but it can be used to hold books, a lamp or picture frame. To accomplish the function or design you have in mind, you need to find the right end table.

In this article, we highlight how to choose the right end table.


Let’s face it. There are so many styles for you to choose from. The good news is you can simplify everything. Start by learning the different categories of end table styles. Available styles include:

  • Traditional
  • Country
  • Contemporary

The traditional style refers to classic designs that follow the trends of the 18th centuries. Such styles have relaxed lines, are formal and have a lavish appearance. This is attributed to the dark woods and amazing finishes.

The country style is made of wood and can have stenciled decoration or scalloped aprons. Others may have milk painted finishes. The contemporary style focuses more on form and not the decorative detail. As such, they have clean lines and built with light to medium wood finishes.

Figure out what style your room is and find an end table to match.


The shape is largely influenced by the position of the end table in your home. For instance, if you choose to position the end table by the couch, you will want an end table that is square. Another factor that may influence the small end table shape is the coffee table.

For example, if you have a round or oval shaped coffee table, you don’t have to go for round end tables. Mix and match the furniture in your living room. If you have an oval shaped coffee table, buy a square-shaped end table.


Today, the material is more than durability. It defines the style of the end table. For instance, if your home decor is modern or contemporary, it is wise to choose an end table made of real wood or metal.

If your style is traditional, go for a traditionally styled end table with a rich finish. By doing so, you create a visual interest in your living room. Not only that, you help to bring to life the design of your home with stylish furniture pieces.

There are different materials you can choose from. They include:

  • Real wood – cedar, spruce, oak, maple, and walnut
  • Metal – steel, metal alloy, iron, and aluminum
  • Glass
  • Stone

Majority of manufacturers offer distinctive tops made from one of the following materials. They are stylish and durable.


Why do you need an end table? Are you looking for extra space to hold your books, tablet, video games or magazines? If yes, find one with open shelves and drawers. How much do you want to fit on the table top? Will you add a picture frame, books, and a reading lamp?

If you want to complement your home decor, find one that fits with your style. A lot of homeowners want to ensure that every seat in their homes has an end table. This is great as it improves the visual interest of your home and gives it a unique personality.

Buying an End Table? Strike the Right Balance

When buying an end table or side table, find those that will complement the furniture in your home. Also, shop for products that give your home a unique personality. Always look for small end tables that will make your living room feel balanced.

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