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Some Furniture that no Man Cave is complete without

In our previous blog post, we talked about how to transform your basement into an entertainment room. If you have decided to turn your basement into a man cave, you will need a few key pieces of decorations and furniture in your man-sanctuary before you can officially call it a man cave.

Personalize your Space

Take everything you know about man caves, and throw it out the window! Just because it is a man cave, doesn’t mean it has to be a dark, dirty room like what you might consider a man cave to be. You don’t have to fill your space with deer mounts and beer posters – your man-cave should be an expression of you! Personalize it with all of the things that you love!

Do you love sci-fi movies? Hang up a huge Godzilla poster. Or better yet , why not get yourself a life size Storm Trooper! Whatever it is, just make sure that when someone walks into your man cave, they get a glimpse of what is important to you.

Be Creative

When finding stuff to fill your space with, it can be very tempting to spend too much money on things like decorations. There is just too much cool stuff out there! It is important to keep in mind that if you would like to put together the perfect man cave, without killing your budget, you can’t go overboard. Use your creativity to make some simple decorations – isn’t simple what it’s all about? Got some junk laying around the house? Turn that stuff you don’t need into awesome decorations!

You would be surprised what makes cool decorations! Got an old guitar laying around? Hang it up on the wall! Or, cut some tennis balls in half to create a perfect tea light holder.

Other Man Cave Necessities:

OK, you know how I said earlier not to fill your space with typical “Man Cave” stuff? While that may be true, there are a few things that you absolutely do need in your shrine to manliness.

Beverages – No Man Cave is complete without a fridge full of drinks! When the guys come over, you will need to make sure everyone is comfortable. Stock your fridge full of soft drinks, or if you’re so inclined, turn your fridge into a kegerator.

Entertainment Center – Whether you are into sports or video games, one thing your Man Cave absolutely needs is a huge TV! Along with your TV, you will need an Entertainment Center. Check out our last blog (link to entertainment center blogpost) to find out which entertainment center best fits your needs.

Huge Leather Recliner – No man cave is complete without a comfortable place to relax! A oversized leather recliner is what separates the men from the boys. Leather recliners such as the Dakota from Temple Furniture can tie a room together. The Dakota offers ultimate comfort and elegance. When the guys come over, they will need a place to relax. Quality furniture is an absolute must-have in any man cave.

Quality Man Cave Furniture at Rainbow Furniture

At Rainbow Furniture in Fort Wayne, you can find any of these great furniture options and many more to perfect your man cave. We also offer a free design service, so you can get advice from a professional designer! Visit our showroom today so you can finally make the man cave of your dreams a reality.