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Wanted: Quality Family Time

furniture to improve family bonding

In today’s hectic world, quality family time seems almost impossible to achieve.
It may feel like the family only comes together and bonds when you plan (and pay for) an expensive vacation or if there’s a wedding (or a funeral). But think again. Spontaneous family bonding can occur in your own home. Every day.

Design experts know that our personal environments can mold and reinforce our behaviors. The design of our home living spaces can have a very real effect on how the family interacts. We may not even realize how we as individuals, and our family as a whole, have adapted to the features of our living space. Things like lighting, sound, furniture layout, and the types of furniture can affect our comfort in the space and our interpersonal communication.

Look at the gathering places in your home with fresh eyes, keeping in mind how your family is actually using the space. Does its ambiance and furnishings encourage relaxation? fun activities? interaction?

Encourage interaction

As you look at your family’s most used rooms, consider things like:

  • is there enough seating for everyone?
  • is the seating comfortable for each of us?
  • is the furniture arranged so that we can see each other and have a conversation?
  • is there space for the kids (or dogs) to spread out their toys and play?
  • is there a comfortable space for us to set up a board game or for the kids to work on homework?
  • is the lighting comfortable for us to work, read, or play?
  • is there storage to stow away toys, games, magazines, etc. when they aren’t in use?

Include everyone

Naturally, you want your home to reflect your taste and style; but getting the opinions of the other members of the family who use the room may open your eyes to some creative ideas. Go ahead and ask the kids what they would like to have in the room, what colors they like, what activities they would like to do in there, where they think art should be hung. You may find that the furnishings get a little more respect if the rest of the family had involvement in the selection process. OK, the kids will still probably jump on the couch — but maybe they’ll take their muddy shoes off first! Which leads to…

Be realistic

Keep your style goals, of course, but remember who you live with (two-legged or four-legged). The goal is that everyone feels comfortable in the room. Look for quality fabrics that will repel or hide stains or pet hair. Or, opt for more durable fabric. Find ways to display decorative items without the risk of them being toppled. Make sure tables or coffee tables are comfortable for everyone to gather around (and resilient enough to recover from sippy cup or beer mug rings). Have furnishings with drawers or cupboards that can keep clutter at bay, but still close at hand for game night or Lego construction.

Invest in quality furniture

It may be tempting — especially if you have kids or multiple pets — to go for cheaper, import furniture since it will “just get ruined”. But it actually makes much more financial sense to invest in quality pieces that will stand up to the loving abuse of an interactive family. Quality cushions will hold their shape better (no matter how many times they are made into forts). Quality fabrics will resist rips, tears, and stains. Well-crafted pieces will outlast many cheap versions and can be refinished or reupholstered as time goes on (and the children become, hopefully, more civilized; husbands are probably a lost cause).

Family furniture in Fort Wayne

Need help choosing the perfect furniture? At family-owned Rainbow Furniture, we know how important quality family time is. We love to help our clients and their families find the furniture solutions that best meet the needs — creating spaces in which they enjoy spending time. Our goal is to help you create comfortable, attractive,and stylish, rooms that everyone in the family will appreciate. Together. Whether you need a new sofa, coffee table, or dining room table, visit our large furniture showroom today on Covington Road in Southwest Fort Wayne to see how our high quality furniture lines are perfect to help you get the most from those precious hours of family time.