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If you’re in the process of updating your living room, you know how hard finding the perfect sofa can be. From size to style, there are so many factors you need to consider before you can make a confident purchase. That’s why we’re here to show you how to choose a sofa for your space.

How to Choose a Sofa That Perfectly Fits Your Living Room

Finding the perfect sofa for your living room space can often seem impossible. But it doesn’t have to be! Here are some expert tips on how to choose a sofa that perfectly fits your living room.

Know Your Measurements

Before you start shopping for sofas, you should know how much space you’re working with. The last thing you want to do is buy a beautiful sofa that’s too big or small for your living room. Whip out a tape measure and calculate the dimensions of your space. Think about where you’d ideally like to place the sofa and how much space you want it to take up. This will help you focus your sofa search down to options that will work in your exact space.

Make sure to also check the dimensions of your entryways so your chosen sofa can pass through on delivery.

Focus on the Fabric

Whether you want bold patterns or neutral tones, the fabric you choose for your sofa is extremely important. This is because your fabric selection will impact the overall durability and feel of your sofa.  So, before you start considering options, think about your lifestyle, and what you actually need out of your sofa. If you’re someone with pets or children, consider fabric options that are easier to clean or more durable. If your living room gets a lot of strong sunlight, go with a synthetic fabric option that’s less likely to fade.

Once you’ve narrowed down your desired features, you can then start to think about the actual aesthetics of the fabric. Look for fabric options that fit in with the overall design scheme of your living room or add to it.

If you’re finding it hard to pick between fabric options, request free swatches so you can bring them home and easily compare.

 Try Before You Buy

Buying a sofa for your living room is a big investment, so if you’re someone who is skeptical about buying a sofa online, make sure you try before you buy.  Sit down on a few different sofa options and take note of things like seat depth, back height, and overall comfort. This will give you a better sense of what fabrics you like, and the overall look and feel you prefer.

Also, make sure to take note of the sofa’s frame. American-made sofas with solid hardwood frames are almost always more durable than foreign pieces made from particleboard or metal. You should also remember to pay attention to the cushion construction of the sofa as they greatly impact the overall comfort of the sofa.

Final Thoughts on How to Choose a Sofa

For many people, the living room is the heart of their home. So it’s important to make that space as comfortable and inviting as possible. By knowing how to choose a sofa, you can find the perfect pick for your space.

Looking for furniture in Fort Wayne but not sure where to start? Visit our showroom to find the perfect piece for your living room!