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Luxury Bedroom Furniture Lifts Depression

Ok, maybe that’s a too bold a statement. Did you know that revamping your bedroom every once in a while improves your mental health? That may sound a little unconventional, but it is a proven fact; the design of your environment plays a part in your mood.

Your bedroom is the refuge from your responsibilities and duties, where you can leave chaos and hustle at the threshold, and take some time to rest and relax. Some people are satisfied with just a place to store their items and rest for another day, but luxury bedroom furniture is a way to set your sanctuary apart from the disorder of the hour. The style may vary from one person to another, but no matter how people may differ, the spell of the perfect bed soothes the soul.

Creating the right environment to recharge involves some investment. After all, at least a third of your life will be spent in your bedroom. How do you select luxury bedroom furniture to love with timeless style, lifetime stability, and great value? Read ahead for our tips.

Find Your Heart

The dominating feature of every bedroom is the bed. Your personal style shines through here. Famous New York artist and illustrator Maxfield Parrish was famous for his saturated colors and disciplined luxury, but you have the option of luxury and more luxury! Selecting the right look for your bedroom starts with the bed.

Consider the size of the room and the occupants. Your vision of old-world, four-poster splendor, executed in king size comfort or a sleek, minimalist modern platform can be executed in wood, metal or mixture of materials. There are shapes and sizes for every taste. Make the bed a statement piece and let the rest follow.

For height that draws the eye, the American-made Hudson tall four-poster bed by Yutzy sets the stage. Add to the drama with on-trend colors like bold navy or leaf green with high thread count linens and overstuffed accent pillows. In a smaller bedroom, the clean lines of a quality, made to last, modern iron bed by Wesley Allen allows clutterless and restful visual space.

Add a Flourish

Think about all of the activities in the space. The old adage “everything in its place” assumes everything has a place. Bedroom suites with all matching furniture, from bed to dressers and armoires are available, with lots of room to take any storage challenge. However, many people prefer a more eclectic approach of mixing and matching harmonizing pieces with character.

Like the bed, nightstands, dressers, and armoires need to be in scale with the space. Custom designed furniture with hidden features like built-in charging docks for personal electronics, jewelry safes or organizers reflects your style as well as practicality.

Let a Designer Help You

Refining your vision with the right luxury bedroom furniture, overcoming challenging room layouts, coordinating new furniture with beloved existing pieces or selecting color themes may be a bewildering process, but our free interior design service gives you the eye of a professional to assist. Make your sanctuary soothing to the soul with just the right pieces. Visit our showroom or contact our interior designer today and sleep well!