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Some Ways to Welcome Fall in your Home

Bring the Beauty of Fall Indoors

As we say goodbye to Summer, the drop in temperature tends to drive our activities indoors. Fun filled picnics and barbecues turn into gathering friends and family around the fireplace and dining room table. Visions of bonfires and cookouts gradually phase to Halloween parties and Thanksgiving dinners. As our activities move indoors, here are a few simple decorating tips you can use to turn your home into a warming environment that welcomes Fall with open arms!

Utilize Nature

Fall comes with a great range of beautiful items found in nature that can be perfect for creating a warming environment in your home. For example, placing an arrangement of decorative gourds and pumpkins on a mantle or along a dining room table runner is an inexpensive, yet elegant way to prepare your home for Autumn. You could also create a centerpiece themed around fresh or dried Autumn plants. Another stylish idea is to hang a Fall-themed wreath on your door. You could even create your own wreath, with touches of acorns, dried leaves, pinecones and more elements you can find in your backyard! Check out some of these DIY Fall Wreaths.

Cozy up Your Living Room

Fall means it’s time to break out the thick, cozy blankets. Rather than stuff them in a closet, why not display some your Fall-colored blankets? Rolling up blankets and displaying them in a wicker basket, or stacking a few on a bench can help to create a warm, relaxing environment this Fall. Add a few throw pillows to your sofa. Utilize the warming, natural deep Autumn hues of orange, red, and brown to accentuate your living room furniture.

Find Inspiration at Rainbow Furniture

Of course, updating your rooms with quality furniture enhances your home for these seasons of indoor living and entertaining — and serves you well for years to come. The design consultants at Rainbow Furniture in Fort Wayne can help you choose pieces inspired by the natural hues of Fall. Pieces that will bring beauty into your home, in colors and styles that will compliment your lifestyle year-round. Some of our Autumn-inspired decorating ideas include:

Upholstered pieces  in gorgeous color combinations, wood and bronze accent pieces to bring an earthy element to upholstered furniture, and richly-stained, beautiful wood dining room sets around which to gather friends and family

Stop in and speak to the helpful, knowledgeable staff at Rainbow Furniture and tell us what inspires you. We’ll help make your decorating dreams a reality — for this Fall season and beyond.