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With the days getting longer and the air getting warmer, summer is nearly here! That means that it’s time to start packing away those heavy blankets and dark colors to make way for sunnier vibes. Refreshing your home’s interior for summer means brighter colors, patterns that pop, and plenty of natural accents.

Maybe you just want to add a few accent pieces to your home. Or perhaps you plan to completely redo your interior. Either way, if the changing of the season has you wanting to refresh your home interior, check out these five trendy ideas to make your rooms pop!

1. Go Natural

One of the easiest ways to welcome summer into your home is by bringing the outside in with a pop of natural accents. House plants are a classic way to decorate your home. And with so many options out there, there’s a plant style that’s perfect for every taste and style. Go modern with colorful succulents or cacti. Give your home a tropical, beachside vibe with large-leaved palm plants. Or, go classic with ferns. Many plant options also purify the air of home, which means that your accents are doing double-duty!

2. Get Back to the Basics

There are plenty of fun summer trends that you could use to completely flip your home. But you’ll likely regret going all out with trendy colors and patterns when the season changes again in the fall. Instead, start with a natural color scheme, and add accents from there.

All-white walls, furniture, rugs, and linens have become very popular in recent years. This ultra-neutral base gives your home a clean, modern look that is easily customized by adding a few pops of color.

3. Add a Pop of Color

Whether you choose to go all white or opt for a different neutral scheme, going basic with your home interior makes it easy to follow this next summer interior trend. Adding pops of trendy colors is a great way to keep your home updated with the changing seasons.

For the summer of 2017, Primrose Yellow, Island Paradise, and Greenery are all great choices. You can also easily change out these pops of color each time the season changes–or whenever the mood strikes you!

4. Accent with Metals

Metals like brass, copper, and gold are making a serious comeback this year. Whether you use these metals for knobs on your furniture or purchase accent pieces coated in them, these will give your home a modern, sleek look.

5. Give Yourself Some Staycation Inspiration

Celebrate summer by using a beach vacation as your inspiration for your home interior. Choose tropical houseplants to accent your rooms. Decorate with seashells and other beachy accents. Or add some coastal-inspired furniture. Whether you go all out or just add a few accents, you’ll be giving your home a laid-back vibe that is sure to get you in the mood for summer!

Update Your Home Interior This Season

If you’re ready to update your home interior for the summer season, you should start with the furniture and work from there.

If you’re ready to find the perfect furniture for your space, check out Rainbow Furniture today!