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With the turn of the seasons comes exciting new trends. As the weather begins to warm up, it’s time to soak up that healthy sunshine. It’s also time to jazz up our homes and rid ourselves of the last tendrils of winter.

Take some inspiration from these beautiful home design ideas to get the perfect look this upcoming summer.

Dazzling Golds

Metallics make all home design ideas both striking and gorgeous. The way they shimmer in the light brings a certain richness to any design. Even the most simplistic of designs can be upgraded with metallics.

For this upcoming summer, gold is the way to go. The best way to add gold to your home is by using it as an accent. Too much and it could begin to look gaudy and overdone.


This year is all about clean lines and shapes. That’s why industrial-styled furniture is the next big thing this summer.

It combined simplistic beauty with functionality. Often the style mixed warm brown wood with the striking rustic feel of dark metals. It’s a style that will look great in any home office or living room.

Make sure you take proper care of the wood to make it last for years to come.

Geometric Shapes

To accentuate the idea of clean lines this summer is the focus on geometric shapes and patterns. Big and bold tiles in the shape of an octagon could look stunning in your bathroom. Chairs with a triangular shape make a striking statement in your dining room.

Have fun mixing and matching different shapes together to get the best effect.

Big and Beautiful Botanics

Although not traditionally thought of as a piece of furniture, plants are an important part of any household. Not only do they help to boost your mood, they also bring pops of color and vibrancy to all home design ideas.

This summer, bigger means better. Go for large plants that are full of interesting shapes. Ones that make you think of the warm tropics with their stunning colors and fun aromatics.

You can never have too many plants bringing calming life to your home, so have fun picking out as many as you want. It’s the trendy thing to do.

Timeless Velvet

Few things are as luxurious as velvet. With its creamy smooth feel under your fingers, you feel pampered just looking at it. Couches and chairs covered in velvet are a classy choice this summer. They add a bit of shine to your room, making it look rich in the process.

If you’re wanting to splurge on some new furniture, this timeless choice deserves a second look.

Get Creative with These Home Design Ideas

It doesn’t take much for your home to get a whole new feel to it. Rearrange your furniture. Bring in something new. Your home will feel invigorated with sparkling energy. With the help of these design ideas, you’ll be certain that your home will be ready when summer finally comes around.

Ready to start looking for some summery furniture? Contact us today to learn more!